Department Of Civil Engineering Industrial Training Report Essay

Department Of Civil Engineering Industrial Training ReportCHAPTER77.0 REINFORCEMENTSupport is used to take tensile force and every bit good as compressive force.

Merely reinforcement bars carry tensile emphasis where compressive emphasis is carried by both reinforcement bars and concrete depending on the state of affairs carry burden. Normally steel saloon is used as support because it has adequate strength and steel bars are available at needed strength with just cost. In early yearss wooden saloon besides was used for this intent.Concrete is weak in tenseness and strong in compaction. Reinforcement is provided to heighten the minute transporting capacity of construction.

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Tor steel bars are used as reinforcement stuff at our site. T-32, T-25, T-20, T-16 and T-10 bars which are imported from Singapoor, Malasiya and local merchandise besides and length of 6m and 12m, are used in our site.The support is laid harmonizing to the structural drawings. After that the undermentioned cheques are done.

  • Spacing
  • Diameter & A ; type of bars
  • No of stirrups
  • No of links
  • Lap length
  • Starter bars if needed
  • Cover blocks & A ; Covering
  • Regular binding of bars together
  • Placement of tenseness & A ; compaction bars

If there are any building articulations, they should be chipped and cleaned to bond decently.7.1 INDICATION OF REINFORCEMENT IN DRAWINGEngineering drawings is a linguistic communication of communicating of inside informations. Therefore there is a criterion to bespeak support in pulling such asAgenda of bars gives the figure of bars required in each type for a support web.

By holding saloon agenda following advantages can be achieved.

  1. Time salvaging in the support work
  2. Sum of steel required can be precisely calculated. So purchase in surplus or high conveyance cost can be avoided.

  3. Wasting of cut off pieces can be reduced give more efficiency as supports are expensive.
  4. Laps happening in tenseness part can be avoided.
  5. Bar benders can easy understand.
  6. Easy to manage at site.

While we make a saloon agenda we should cognize about the tenseness and compaction how to moving on the member. And lap should non be allowed to be in the tenseness part and critical compaction part besides. When we are making agenda for slab if portion of slab is finished for the balance work we take site measuring for needed length of support.

The typical lap place for beam is shown below:Figure: 7.




8 Stair instanceStair instance is same as slab support.

Therefore tenseness reinforce is provided at underside and at the borders tenseness support is provided at top. Here in add-on to slab some tenseness support is provided junctions. Typical support is shown inFigure: STIRRUPStirrup is chief component in back uping the shear force. If we consider column, stirrups are used for to hole the perpendicular saloon together. Due to lade column March majority in this state of affairs cracks may look in perpendicular way. Without go oning majority stirrups bound the column. In the beam, there is more chance to go on the shear failer because it transfer load horizontally. Beam is non a uninterrupted component that is the compound of cement, sand, sum and support. These elements are bound by bond, which may neglect in reassigning the shear emphasis. Of cause we use stirrups to transport out the shear emphasis for beams and columns. In our site stirrups are made by saloon bending machine. Stirrup form is shown in the figure7.610i?¦Figure: 7.6Stirrup form7.10 TYPICAL PILE CAP REINFORCEMENTPile cap support is shown inFigure: 7.11