Depression Amongst College Students Essay

Depression amongst college students Entering the first year of college is often the most exciting and scariest event in a young adult’s life.

Several questions arise as to, how a roommates attitude or temperament will be, what social clubs or events are available that would appeal to ones interest and the most common question, if new friends will be made and if a certain attitude will be acceptable to other students. Often, the expectations which arise from these lingering questions are not met and the constant neglect that a student receives from others causes them to fall into a depressed state of mind.Comparisons between roommates and how students view themselves when in a crowed or amongst others (Hokanson, J. , Rubert, M.

, Welker, R. , Hollander, G. , & Hedeen, C. , 1989), are what is mostly evaluated upon observing young adults who fall into such depressed thoughts. Ones self outlook is important. When among peers and groups of people, the way someone reacts to someone else or approaches someone else greatly affects the way a person thinks about themselves. Having a positive or negative thought about ones self reflects how a person views people around them which leads to the way a person acts when among others.An example would be a college student who does not have any friends and who is viewed different when around everyone else.

Because of the thoughts people have around this student, peoples actions around them tend to become un-excepting and down grading. Through the views of this individual, society is seen as the enemy. Having this thought would cause this certain individual to become less social and less active and having this mind set would often lead to depression.

Although roommates and how students view themselves when in a crowed or amongst others is important, sex differences poses a certain level of importance as well.It is said that depression in females seems to be higher than males. Females tend to internalize problems whereas males tend to externalize difficulties (Kelly, W.

, Kelly, K. , Brown, F. & Kelly, H. 1999). In correlation to females, males tend to deal with certain problems in a more aggressive and external way, such as sports or exercise. In doing this, having a depressed state of mind occurs less frequently.

As previously stated, females tend to internalize problems. Meaning a certain problem ould begin to escalade and seem greater then it actually is, causing depression to occur more often. Certain personality traits such as unassertiveness and dysfunctional attitudes are also closely related to depression (Vredenburg, K.

, O’Brien, E. , & Krames, L. 1988). Among college students, some symptoms of depression seem to begin to increase very frequently and more severe then what many other students experience on an everyday basis. Depression is much more then simple mood changes (Vredenburg, K. , O’Brien, E.

, & Krames, L. 1988).As a college student, enormous amounts of perceived stress and other perceived stimuli become leading factors to depression and several other symptoms that are produced from depression.

Depression among college students has become a great issue across several college campuses today. Falling into depression often causes a lack of social interactions such as obtaining friends or participating in different activities and events. If in a depression state of mind and help is not sought out, then one will eventually fall into deeper conscious problems that may lead to danger imposing thoughts against someone’s own self.