Depression Paper Essay

In addressing the causes, symptoms, and treatments of Unipolar depression and Bipolar disorders one might see that there are many similarities but significant differences. One might see how life tasks and one’s emotions and motivations are subject to failure when acquiring these disorders. One might also notice that many of those whom acquire these disorders do not even realize that they have them. Questions one might ask are how does one know if they or a family member may be subject to or experiencing these disorders and how does one treat them?

Causes of Unipolar depression often arrive due to life altering events and often times the symptoms of this depression may not arrive until a month or more later. Symptoms of this disorder may effect each person differently. For example, in one person there mood or emotions may be effected, where as another person’s motivation or behavior may be effected. In most cases over time all of these effects may take over a person little by little like a domino effect where one symptom leads to another that leads to another and so on. . (Chapter 7, ComerFunda, Pages 192-225, 2003)

Causes of Bipolar disorder one could consider to be more biological then Unipolar depression. Bipolar disorder is caused by neurotransmitters in the brain, the unbalance of nor epinephrine and serotonin levels in one’s body. This chemical unbalance causes one to become not their usual self but of another inside themselves. (Chapter 7, ComerFunda, Pages 192-225, 2003) Unipolar depression is when a person basically becomes saddened developing signs of anxiety, anger and agitation. Often in these cases one could say a person loses sight of themselves.

For example, one could feel empty and unpleased with anything they might accomplish, or one could feel inadequate blaming themselves for things that may not even have anything to do with them. Their behavior might change where they become less active or slow in their movement. They may have no desire to complete normal day to day activities such as work or hanging out with friends, leaving themselves feeling hopeless and helpless. In worst case scenarios where a person stays in a state of depression for a length of time, they may even become or have thought of suicide. (Chapter 7, ComerFunda, Pages 192-225, 2003) A person physical appearance and being are also affected by these disorders. In some cases one may become disturbed in all of their regular daily functions such as their sleeping patterns, their eating habits, and their bowel movements. One might develop frequent headaches and general pain throughout their body, feeling dizzy and out of the ordinary. . (Chapter 7, ComerFunda, Pages 192-225, 2003) According to Everyday Health (2011) treatment for Unipolar depression should range from prescribed medication, counseling, and life adjustments.

One’s opinion of medication could be that after analyzation of a subject doctors use medication to stabilize one’s symptoms, the counseling could be used to help the subject talk about what they may think lead to the disorder and for the doctor to retrieve a better understanding of the subject, the life adjustments could be viewed away for the subject to redirect themselves into a new way of evaluating their life to help them cope and overcome their state of depression all together. (Everyday Health, 2011)

Bipolar disorder is a lot more complicated and one could consider it to also be a lot more severe then Unipolar depression. Subjects with Bipolar disorder suffer from extreme highs in their life to extreme lows, this is known as mania. Symptoms of this disorder usually are very noticeable. One may become very self confident very quickly, almost as if they own the world and nothing can stop them. Their goals in life may suddenly become higher then normal and they may always be thinking of something new they want to accomplish without thinking of what could happen if they were to try.

Subjects with Bipolar disorder also are very easily distracted sometimes causing them to make irrational decisions possibly spending lots of many or packing up and moving losing a career, a family, or a home. One could view these decisions of a subject to be irrational but for one who is bipolar these decisions make sense. (Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Inc. , 2006-2010) On the other hand, when one with bipolar disorder becomes depressed they often have the same symptoms as one who has Unipolar depression.

Meaning their eating and sleeping habits change. They may gain or loose excessive amounts of weight. They may stay up for days or sleep for days, they may loose all interest in daily activities or social outings or events with friends and family. And again in worst case scenarios they may become or have suicidal thoughts or actions. (Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Inc. , 2006-2010) Unlike Unipolar depression, treatment methods for Bipolar disorder are limited.

The normal medication and treatment given for Unipolar depression is not enough and has little or no effect on those who suffer from Bipolar disorder. However, there has been hope brought forth using Lithium as a medication to treat those with Bipolar disorder. In some cases this drug does not effectively work alone and Adjunctive psychotherapy needs to be involved as well, but with the two combined, those once who thought there was no hope are now leading as normal as a life they possibly can. (Chapter 7, ComerFunda, Pages 192-225, 2003) One might find that these disorders are life altering and effect more then just those who suffer from the disorder. In the same sense one might also find that the treatment programs that are out there are becoming more involved and further researched to help with the treating needs of the subjects and the coping needs of both the subjects and the others it might affect. So in such cases of research one might be able to answer questions on how to tell in they or someone they know might have symptoms of such disorders and how one might treat them and one might cope day to day.


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