Descartes – Cogito Ergo Sum Essay

1) Descartes” argument “Cogito Ergo Sum” I am, I exist is a complex one, in alot of ways, he makes a convincing argument for the existence of the self, and for the process of the thinking being, the essence of the self. He tries to convince both the readers, as well as himself, of his theory we must reject all our present ideas and beliefs and start from nothing.Descartes is a rational thinker and he rationalizes through his studies that nothing in the world is known. He believes that the only thing that has any certainty at this point is his own existence as thinking being, Descartes” method and theory on knowledge was well planned and carefully thought out. Descartes must have been a very one-dimensional person and one has to forgive him for his lack of ability to enjoy the world around him.On the outside, he appears to be confident that his argument bears validity, but my personal opinion is that he was insecure after all. This says to me that his theories and the way he proves his theories not to be concrete in any way.

On the other hand, Friedrich Nietzsche had some interesting ideas about people’s values and personality types. According to him, all morality is a manifestation of will to power. His term “master morality” refers to all the values of the strong willed people. The point to the master morality is the “slave morality “.This appeals to those who are uncertain of themselves, weak willed. They define “good” as what makes life easier.

I agree and disagree with Nietzsche. I agree with the will to power because I want to be in charge of my future. The slave morality on the other hand, I think has some virtues and downfalls as he suggests. The part of slave morality that I do not like is people who are dependent, look at others and follow lack of self-respect, and people who waste their talents. The overall problem of thought that makes his master morality is that you cannot classify people into categories.

The mind is a tricky thing.2) If a popular music group records a cd and becomes a big success, I think that it is because of both free will and determined for them. The reason is Libertarianism; is the theory that humans are free to decide their own actions, and Determinism; humans lack free will, actions are the result of causes over which humans have no control. This relates to free will because when the cd comes out it is everyone’s choice to buy it or not by choosing to buy the album, he or she like the music that is made.This also relates to determinism because the group is brought together, and told that they have to sing a certain type of music to what is popular now.

If rap music is, what is in then they would make a rap album knowing that it will be successful because that is the trend now. When the album comes out someone may lack free will because he or she is influenced by what others are buying and listening to.The bottom line is it’s free will to buy the cd and for the musicians to sing what they want, but their success is determined if they want to make sure their cd is bought by singing the type of music that is popular at the moment. This is true because at some point in life everyone wants to be in the “in crowd”.