Describe a Film About the Real Event That You Have Watched Essay

I’v decided to talk about the movie called Hachi which is based on a true story happened in Japan,about a guy named Paker and his dog Hachi. I watched it before i had started university, actually a while ago. However i still remember it pretty well, because it left a really deep depression on me, as i’ll explain that latter. First, as for the story of the film, the storyline basically centered around a professor who, encountered an abandoned dog and brought it home,named it Hachi.

Since then, Hachi accompanied professor to work on time and at 5 o’clock in the evening appeared at the station entrance to wait him back. However, one day, the professor died of the heard disease in the university and never returned to the station. Nevertheless, Hachi waited the professor from summer to autumn, in the nine-year period, he still had no changes in the wind and rain until he finally died. And in the real life, in Japan, outside the train station, there is a statue of Hachi, it was erected to the memory of it.

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With regard to how i felt about this film, well, to put it simply, it so impressive that i cannot help crying. I moved by the spirit of Hachi. Cause no one has the ability to show his love to only one person during his whole life and do the same thing without complaining. It’s loyalty deeply touched me.