Describe magazine or newspaper commissions a music photographer.

Describe a job role from a different area of
employment Describe how the job role relates to other
roles within the industry.


Job role

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Photographer – Some
photographers work in different industry is such as a music photographer,
wedding photographer or other events such as them. My focus is going to be a
music photographer is someone who goes to live concerts, band promo shoots and
do portraits which are used by media outlets or the band themselves. An artist,
band, magazine or newspaper commissions a music photographer.

 A photographer is hired for a specific job by
various clients and works in a freelance capacity. The photographer will be in
charge or physical or digital editing , When doing a venue a photographer is
most likely not going to be paid in actual money, many venues will offer free
beer of tickets. Bands , publicans pay for the photographer it will vary on
experience and how good they are , it also depends on how many photos are
needed per shoot they could be gaining up to £2,000 a day or as little as
£50.  To be able to make decent money off
concert photography they have to be willing to photograph things besides
concerts. If a music photographer did not sign anything such as a contract than
the music photographer is allowed to legally sell them.


roles they interact with.


Editor at
the magazine or newspaper – they commission the photographer to
go and take photos . They agree a free and explain what is needed in the photos
and will check the photos are up to standard before paying.

An artist
/ band-  a music photographer has to interact with the
band to be able to make the best photo possible either if they have been asked
to take photos for the band or if they have been asked to take photos of the
band for a magazine / newspaper.

A music photographer could interact with the promoter to take photos that would
be used to promote the event. At the beginning of the show would have either
poster up or would have been given the photos previously to be able to put it in
the program to be able to advertise the band / artist. Another way they could
interact with the promoter is if they are doing job for a newspaper or magazine
and have to take photos at an event of artists, the audience or the promoter/

– the
photographer doesn’t have to but can sometimes work with the merchandise
company depending on what the band wants, but can if the band needs certain
photos does for certain types of merchandise

agent – the booking agent might ask the photographer to take
a publicity shot of the band or artist that they can send to promoters and venue
owners in a press pack. To find a time when they can do this the photographer could work more with
the booking agent to be able to book a slot in between gigs either in free time
or during a certain gig to photograph the band       .

manager – the
artist manager has to interact with the photographer as much as the booking
agent does as the artist manager has to go to the shoots and finally finalise
the photos to give to either the promoter or publishing companies. The artist
manager would also have to pay the music photographer as well as the booking
agent per event

company – would
be given the photo as apart as a portfolio while meeting or before with a
publishing company or go to go on the front of either a track or recording.

designer – the
website will work with the photographer to start off to see the scheme in which
the website designer will be going for .