Describe or Relate an Experience Where a Person or Situation Encouraged You to Always Do the Right Thing Essay

“There is a contest old as Eden, which still goes on – the conflict between right and wrong, between error and truth. In this conflict every human being has a part. ” Matthew Simpson. I myself was faced with this conflict last June. On that dreaded day, I felt as if my conscience had manifested in the form of an angel and a demon on either sides of my shoulder. The temptations were so strong, I didn’t know if I could resist! “To cheat or not to cheat? ” This was the question which resounded through each thought I had.

The clock was ticking, and the tension within me was building, what should I do? I knew not the answer, and cheating would get me this, so why not? On that dreadful morning, I had to write my English language CSEC exam. We were all seated in the exam room, each equally nervous, awaiting the start. This was our first exam, and unlike everyone else, I was not nervous, I had a very calmed spirit. I had this new found confidence, or perhaps it was arrogance? However, whatever I felt, slowly diminished as the exam started and the timer began.

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What had happened? Tick tock, tick tock! Time was going and my paper reflected the blank thoughts in my minds. At this my lowest point in this exam, enticing thoughts flooded my mind. Ideas on how I could score full marks on the very paper I had not a clue about. “Cheat! ” This monstrous word resonated through my mind and thoughts. Nothing meant more to me than doing well on this exam paper, so why not? Mere seconds after, more images rushed into my mind. I saw myself sitting in this very exam room, trying to cheat with the person next to me.

Suddenly, I saw my paper being snatched away by the examiner. I began to envision further into my future, where my disappointed parents sat crying at the shame I had brought to them. I even saw myself in years gone by, being denied entry into every university I applied for. I saw how this one incident could destroy my life! I had never been an over religious person, but in midst of the stillness of the exam, I called out to God and began to pray for his guidance. I then proceeded to complete my paper, and eventually submit it to the examiner, walking away satisfied that I did my best.

Exams had come and gone, until they eventually all over, but the memory of thoughts I saw of my life if I had cheated still haunted me, and they didn’t stop until August 1st, the day of results. As they shared out the result slips, I watched as each person opened and viewed their results. Some jumping and screaming with exciting others stood still as tears of disappointment dripped down their faces. The moment of truth had arrived, my dear mother, standing beside my squeezing my hand in anxiety and nervousness.

As I viewed my result slip, a broad smile appeared and my mother instantly began shedding tears of joy from my expression, as she had already known the results from my reaction. This was my happiest moment in my life, as I had succeeded all on my own. This was the moment which I pledged to always to the right thing, as it was doing the right thing which brought me my results. The battle of doing the right and wrong thing has gone on for ages, but doing the right thing will always prevail.