Descriptive Poland Essay

It was a cool summer day. I landed in the capital of Poland and just got off the enormous plane.

It was my first overseas trip to Europe so I was somewhat overwhelmed. The sun was unbearably bright and I could feel the sunrays burning my eyes. My red face lighted up when I saw the city.

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It was truly a memorizing sight to see, before me stood a new place with new surroundings. I got myself together ready to explore what was ahead of me. As I walked the noisy, overflowing streets of Warsaw I took notice of how different everything was. The city was so well taken care of especially the dark red, lumpy brick roads, and stony sidewalks.Walking through the city I was intrigued by the unique architecture, the folk-art, historical landmarks, and the bargaining markets.

I was especially fascinated with the colorful apartment buildings still standing from World War 2. There were family’s still living in these immense old fashioned buildings which were still well preserved. I was instantly awestruck by this city’s beauty.

While sightseeing Warsaw I got the chance to visit Old Town Warsaw. This was a whole neighborhood of cobblestone Gothic streets that was completely reconstructed since it was destroyed in World War 2.Since this is one of Warsaw’s most famous tourist attractions, everything was very fast paced. It was a hustle just trying to get by from street to street. However, I did not mind it because I got to visit the royal castle.

This town was an impressive sight to see. As I explored the energizing city I took notice of the endless amounts of restaurants. My mouth watered at the flavorful scents of dumplings, grilled sausage, fried fish, the sugar coated paczki, and the cheesy margarita pizza. I was especially tempted to try the famous traditional perogies made from dough filled with cheese and potatoes and served fried, savory, or sweet.

These half mooned shaped goodness’s were probably one of the best perogies I had ever eaten. With all this new food around me I definitely took advantage of the opportunity to try everything not having a care in the world about the calories, prices, etc. Visiting Warsaw was a great adventure with unforgettable experiences. Traveling to a place half way around the world with different customs, culture, and language was nerve wracking and intimidating but at the same time thrilling. I have been saving up my money to go back this summer hopefully with my family. I enjoyed vacationing in my family’s unique hometown city.