Design to ponder. 6. Good design is

 Design Practice of DieterRams: DieterRams is a German industrial designer and an architect by practice. Most of hiswork is based on functionalism (putting function before form). Rams says thatin order to understand good design, one must understand people because designis made for public.  Ramsphilosophy is about how a product should help people rather than dominatingthings and them.

What I like about Dieter Rams the most is that he removed hisego entirely from the design process because in the end, he was not designingfor himself but to serve the public. Ramsphilosophy on design is based on ten things, which are now known as the tencommandments of Dieter Rams.        TEN COMMANDMENTS OF GOOD DESIGN 1.     Gooddesign is about aesthetics: Thetasteful standard of a product is basic to its usefulness because commoditieswe use everyday influence our personality and our well being. But only wellrendered objects can be elegant. 2.

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     Gooddesign makes a product understandable:It defines the product’s anatomy. It can make the object talk, beingself-explanatory. 3.     Gooddesign is innovative: Theprobabilities for originality are not, by any chance, tiring. Technology isalways contributing new opportunities for new and authentic design ideas.Original design always advances in placement with innovative technology. 4.

     Gooddesign makes a product useful:A product is purchased to be used, offering assistance. Satisfaction should bematching to a certain criteria, not only the functionality should beconsidered, but also the aesthetics and psychological gratification. 5.     Gooddesign is low key:Commodities fulfilling a reason or cause are like tools. They are neither fancyobjects nor an artwork. Their design should thus be both open minded andsteady, to leave an area for the user’s emotions to ponder.

6.     Gooddesign is honest: Itdoes not make an object more original, well build, or upscale then it reallyis. It does not try to influence the user with assurance that cannot befulfilled. 7.     Gooddesign is long lasting:It ignores being fashionable and thus never reveals itself as out of date. Incontrast to fashionable design, it lasts for numerous years. 8.     Gooddesign is in depth to the last element: Nothing must be random or left to possibility.

Responsibility and precision in the design process reveal respect towards theconsumer. 9.     Gooddesign is environmentally friendly:Design makes significant offering to the protection of the environment. It lookafter’s resources and reduces physical and visual toxins throughout thelifecycle of the commodity.10.  Gooddesign is as little design as possible: Minimal but better; because it focuses on the necessaryfeatures, and the commodities are not weighed down with the non-basics.

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