Despite achieve cities/towns of choice to live,

Despite the increase in the rate
of urbanization and industrialization in Kenya and its positive contributions
to economic growth; Kenya lacks a comprehensive framework to guide urban
development. With an effective urban planning system, challenges in land use
mismanagement, improper housing, informal settlement mushrooming and traffic
can be solved in Kenya’s urban areas. Therefore, urban planning is an essential
sector to ensure sustainable urbanization in cities and towns. Urban planners
are faced with new problems every day due to dynamics of different urban areas
setting like towns, suburbs and slums. New technology and skills in planning
design, concepts, environmental planning and sustainability are necessary to
balance cohesively with these changes. 
Kenya has developed spatial development plans for urban and rural areas,
implementation of these plans need expertise in urban planning and design.

My chosen theme is ‘Science and
Technology for Development’. Environmentally sound development is one of the
things not yet embraced in urban areas. In Kenya, there is a need for maximized
use of space, adoption of green transport, embrace of urban agriculture and
green energy in buildings. With the use of science and technology in urban planning
and design; we can make use of the available space to build multi-residential
buildings with effective green energy systems, electric trains, rooftop gardens
and other major developments. This will help Kenya address some persistent
issues like traffic on roads, food insecurity, lack of proper housing and

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On my return, I plan to apply my
skills in the urban planning and housing sector. I will engage in making
proposals to improve design for urban areas and engage in developing short term
and long term strategies in development and regulatory framework. This will
promote and guide sustainable spatial and physical planning development.  According to the Nairobi County Annual
Development Plan 2018-2019 (2017), Kenya has put priority for urban renewal and
housing with the help of urban planning and lands sector to achieve
cities/towns of choice to live, work and invest. I hope to achieve strengthened
enforcement mechanisms in urban planning, detailed integrated plans at local
and national level to manage urban development as well as upgrading informal
settlements. With the help of the existing long term development plan
(2010-2030) it is possible to implement our desired future towns/cities in a
time frame of medium term development plan (2020-2030).

I will provide an annual report to CSC to help measure
and follow up the impacts of my work in Kenya. My future employers can also be
contacted to give a detailed report on performance and contributions. My
studies in urban planning will benefit the people living in slums with improved
housing, the general public with improved transport systems and the government
in implementation of urban planning projects in Kenya. Sustainable urban
planning in cities will also reduce poverty levels through improved standards
of living and encouraging investors to invest in various economic sectors. I
desire to be awarded this scholarship to improve urban planning development in
Kenya as well as other developing countries.