Develop your own strength Essay

To further my tertiary education , studying professional accountancy in CUHK is always the ideal destination for me as I admire the culture of the school and I think I am suitable for studying accounting due to my personal ability and interests .Therefore, I have targeted studying professional accountancy in CUHK since I was in secondary school. Now my major in CUHK is professional accountancy and lucky I got the precious chance to become the committee member of the society of accountancy . Through serving the members and interacting with professional accounting bodies ,I learn much more about the industry .As a result ,I am determined to inject my passion into the industry and become a certified public accountant in Hong Kong after my graduation.

Having a clear personal goal , I would first analyze my personal strengths & weaknesses against the social situation.

First , I am a good team player and are equipped with good communication skills. This year I am devoted to my society and have collaborated with my society committee members to organize activities of various kinds for PACC students , such as department photo taking day, graduation dinner ,BA festival so on and so forth. These experiences make me cultivate communication skills and the correct manner to duel with conflicts and quarrels when problem creep in, which are invaluable assets to my growth. In the future accounting working environment, people are always organized to work as a team to work on tasks of various kinds like audit. Having good communication skills, in no doubt, is conducive to the working performance for the team , if not the whole company. Moreover , the positive attitude I have allows me to stay calm and focus when I come across hurdles and difficulties. I do not afraid of challenges and determined to strive for the best to excel in the future career.

The first thing that I can come up with is the fact that I am lacking in global perspective. Born and bred in Hong Kong , I seldom get the chance to have an-deth understanding outside the world . Especially , I put much more focus on the public examination and , therefore, have ignored the world’s issue. During my study in secondary school. My eyesight is limited , which hinders my analytical thinking and critical reasoning . The following are the things that I plan to do in order to equip myself in my college life to join the society in the coming another 3 years, as well as the area I want to develop myself to sustain myself.

First and foremost , it is undeniably true that one without decent academy background is hard to stand out and impress the employers as most of the companies are looking for young graduates who are academically strong, self-confident, have good judgment, will contribute and add value to their clients and their teams. In the coming academic years , I would put more focus on my studies especially accounting courses as the courses provides the knowledge and skills necessary to become a CPA. Moreover, we have to pass the Hong Kong practicing certificate examinations, which are necessary for registration as an auditor upon graduation .Having strong academic background , therefore , acts as a stepping stone to achieve my dream..

Secondly, connection is fundamental when it comes to having access to opportunities that will enrich my future career and create life-long professional connections. Therefore , I would strive for the opportunity to have an internship opportunity especially in accounting firms in my year 2 and year 3 of my university studies as I can gain real business experience ,understand how an accounting firm operates , the customs as well as the culture of the company and above all, foster real networking relationships with professionals around the world. This can allow me to have a taste of the accounting profession and widen my circle of acquaintances.

Lastly , I will grab the chance of joining exchange program in the coming 3 years .Exchange program is not just the chance for me to do more than take in the sights, sounds, and flavors of another country, it indeed is conducive to cultivating analytical skills. In view of the growing demand in the business world for professionals, a global mindset .therefore is the important area for me to sustain myself in the ever-changing business environment nowadays.

Through interacting with students coming from different cultural , academic backgrounds , thoughts can be stimulated by exchanging ideas and we can rationale behind the scenes in a different angle when we analyze an issue. Our outlook on life is widen with this precious opportunity and I can have a more comprehensive way of thinking which is fundamental to solve accounting problems in a business environment as well as analyze ,interpret accounting, financial and other business information.