Developing a performance Appraisal System Essay

Developing a Performance Appraisal SystemAn original performance appraisal system for a human service organization is something that helps a business succeeds. This is done by hiring employees, having the right managers to manage the business, and to stick to a system that helps out step by step.

Having good managers to step rules and keep the business running smoothly. Also this system helps manage thing to the point that they are able to give rewards to everyone that deserves it (Peter M. Kettner, 2002).

The purpose of a performance appraisal system is to make sure that all employees know how they are doing and how they can improve their performance. This is done by giving them feedback and their evaluation from a manager or boss of some sort (“Studymode”, 2013).This is usually done yearly, but to make sure everyone is doing their job to perfection managers should do a review weekly to make sure that until the yearly appraisal is done, every employee knows how they are doing.

This is because policies change every day and nothing is ever set in stone, so by doing a weekly meeting will keep everyone up to date on everything dealing with the business. The purpose of a performance appraisal is to make sure that all employees are aware of all problems their maybe in their performances or in the company (“Studymode”, 2013). The elements to a good appraisal system are: set objectives, manage performance, carry out the appraisal, and provide rewards/remedies.The first one is set objectives, this is where you and the employees agree on objectives and decide what objectives the employee should have (“”, 2009). The second one is manage performance, this is something you need to have so that your employees do what you expect and all the tools and training will be given to them.

The third one is carrying out the appraisal, this is where you follow your employee’s performance and discuss their performance with them whether it’s good or bad. The last one is provide rewards/remedies; this is where you give your employees rewards like raises or bonuses. This only happens if they are doing their job right and if they are not then you will have to think of a way to fix their performance. There are basically four key elements to having a good appraisal system. The first one is based on observed job-related behavior; this is where objectives and goals are made for the employee by a manager.

The second one is conducted by trained superior, this is where a supervisor is trained to train, make goals, and how to talk to their employees about their performance (“Employers Association”, n.d.). The third one is based on written policy and guidance, this is where an employee gets a book that as all the policies, guidance’s in it for employees to learn and follow. Like everything else these book as to be presented to the head of the business for approval.

The last one is provide for employee feedback and input, this is where an employee can challenge a manager on how they rated them and ask for a better explanation on to why they thought these things (“Employers Association”, n.d.).To conclude, an appraisal system is a very important part of a business.

This will help a business to get the right employees in the right positions. This system tells a business if when their employees are doing the job correctly very day, whether they are doing well or bad. Then after a manager supervises their employees they pull them to the side one by one to talk to them about their performance and how they can do better. When they hire people they will give the employees they hire books that have rules, regulations in it for them to learn and follow.

Also a manager will tell an employee of any kind of rewards and the length of time they have to meet their goals. The rewards can be a promotion or a pay raise of some kind. An appraisal system is there to benefit a business so that they can get the right employees in their doors to do the job to perfection. This seems like a great thing to have to make sure your business is a perfect business.References1). Peter M.

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