Developing Countries Essay

In this essay I’m traveling to speak about this inquiry. Since this is a really broad topic I could speak about merely a individual state or a individual issue. but I will seek to discourse about the whole sum. Some of the chief points are famishment. instruction. child labour. safety and human rights. These issues are really different in developed and developing states. I’m besides traveling to state why these things are go oning and how they could be improved.

Probably the most of import issue is famishment ; the consequence of a serious. or entire. deficiency of foods needed for the care of life. First of all it is one of the few words in the English linguistic communication with no equivalent word.

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It is a word that stands entirely. It should be fixed foremost. “Why? ” You might believe. “Why famishment. non for illustration instruction. ” This is because. what is the point of edifice schools if the childs die because of hungriness? There is no point. Starvation is the most of import issue of all the developing states. Of class if a state does non hold this job. it will seek to repair the following job.

The following job depends on the earnestness of the issues. Starvation is besides a portion of a developed state. If a state has famishment it is a underdeveloped state. This is one reply to the large inquiry. But. if a state does non endure from famishment it doesn’t mean it can non be a underdeveloped state. There are developing states without famishment. Their jobs are. instruction. human rights etc.

Some kids are non strong plenty to eat by themselves.

The facts about famishment in today’s universe are flooring ; today. there are some 800 million people who do non hold entree to sufficient nutrient to run into their demands. About 12 million kids under five old ages old die each twelvemonth because of malnutrition in developing states of the universe.

The two chief inquiries about famishment are: why is it go oning and how could it be stopped. Well. there are tonss of replies because all the development states are different. Some have wars and some bad clime but the common thing is: they all have jobs. This causes famishment. One beginning that I found even said that authoritiess have the money and the abilities to acquire nutrient for all the people. but they will acquire a great control by non giving the people nutrient. “Many diseases. nutrients and medical specialties are intentionally made to weaken and command people. Starvation. decease and poorness. intentionally caused to one million millions of people will besides give the powerful. greater control” I don’t believe this. but you ne’er know.

The solutions to the famishment are really reasonably simple. Developed states could direct nutrient and other merchandises. But this is non so easy since nil is really free. Of class developing states could loan money but so they have debts to pay. How are they traveling to make that? In 1997 the foreign debts of developing states were more than two trillion ( million million ) US dollars and still turning. The consequence is a debt of $ 400 for every adult male. adult female and kid in the underdeveloped universe – where mean income in the really hapless states is less than a dollar a twenty-four hours.

Another manner is that the nutrient among the people in the state could be shared every bit to all the people. Rich people could give money to hapless people. Good illustration of this is Bill Gates. He is the richest individual in the universe and is giving invariably nutrient to charity. All these factors are solutions to the job called. famishment.

Education is another really of import issue in developing states. The more people acquiring educated. the more people work outing jobs. The wise adult male that said that was non Mark Twain. but me. Education is really hard to acquire because books cost. schools have to be build. no 1 knows how to learn and households need childs to work and to acquire nutrient for the household. If they go to school their parents might decease of famishment. So these two jobs are linked. Another ground for so many misss non traveling to school is that they are pregnant and no longer allowed at that place.

Education needs money but by lone money it can non be solved. There needs to be instructors who are willing to go forth their places and risk their wellness by traveling to a developing state to learn. This is why there is so small instruction in developing states. Education is really of import to human hereafter. Peoples should acquire more educated.

Education is truly needed ; there are about 132 million people today in developing states that are non in school. But the fact is that you can non merely give the people computing machines and other engineering. You need to assist people to assist themselves. This has been proved at several surveies. For illustration one survey was made when certain group of people in a University realized that people in developing states don’t cook their nutrient good plenty. So they started importing high tech Sun panel cookers to the state. This caused that people did non garner around the fire like normally. More people got killed by wild animate beings because the fire was non at that place to maintain them off. All these things happened and it was because of excessively high engineering. So the group was seeking the speedy manner which does non work.

About all the developing states have a immense job in human rights. This includes child labour and place of the adult females. Child labour is unfortunately really common in developing states. Kids work all twenty-four hours and acquire truly tired. If there would be good schools they would travel to them alternatively of working. But what if the household will decease because of hungriness if the child does non work? This links to starvation. All the jobs are linked. The solution is that there should be aid from better states so that they won’t dice of famishment. childs should travel to school and when they grow up they would be educated and could acquire a occupation. So until every homo in the state is educated and can gain the money to populate for their household. the state needs aid from rich people. affluent states. their ain authorities etc.

Public safety as a job is non every bit large as famishment or instruction but. this is the job that anyone can hold. Even in developed state public safety can be really low. It is hard to acquire because you can’t acquire it neither with money nor political power. There needs to be more constabularies and Torahs. but that does non work out the whole job. If a individual wants to get down killing people on the street and does non state anyone. who can halt him? No affair how fast a constabulary officer shoots him. the safety is bad.

As a decision to “the large question” I could state that the definition of a “developed country” is in everyone’s ain head. The differences between developed and developing states are for illustration famishment. human rights. public safety and instruction. All these except instruction are the basic demands of a individual to last. If person’s chief demands are non satisfied that individual is populating in developed state. What comes to instruction. it is in between of a basic demand and a luxury. A individual can populate without it. but with instruction he/she can travel farther and assist their ain state to develop.