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Developing a positive working relationship with other colleagues in the work place is a key part of your job; you cannot expect to get on well in an environment where you argue or shout at each other. You should respect what other people have to say and listen to other peoples opinions on subjects as although you may believe your opinion is correct or factual you could be wrong or you could even learn something from what someone else has to say. Having a positive working relationship with your colleagues will also enable you to have better and more enjoyable days at work as you will be able to talk and have a laugh with those people, instead, of arguing or being at odds with each other.

For instance, if you was to be at odds with another colleague and you had a specific job to complete on a car and the boss has put you with the person you dislike, you cant just argue and bicker during the work as the work could come out sloppy, be delayed or worse not get done due to petty arguments, where as if those two employees had been positive with one another they would have got on with the job and not wasted company time and money on negative moments. In work you will make commitments to customers and colleagues alike, it is crucial that when you make this commitments they are achievable within the time frame you have set and that you meet those commitments as for instance, if you had a customer whos brought their car in for a clutch swap and you told them  2 days but it took 5, that customer would more than likely be annoyed and rightfully so. If you are giving a commitment to someone you must think about the work load you already have and other commitments you must meet and plan a time frame around that, the customers pay the bills so if you’re telling them deadlines and not meeting them they will likely not return to your business for work and you lose out on the money.

In terms of commitments to colleagues, if they’ve asked you to help them out on a car and you’ve said you’ll do a specific part of a repair by this time and you’ve not done it and you dont have a good reason for not completing it on time, that is disrespectful to both the colleague and the customer. Your colleague may not want to ask for your help again as he cant trust you to get work done on time and he may even take it higher up and you could get into trouble.