Development Through Life Stages Essay

When the egg is realized it stays in the uterus for up to 5 days however the sperm only stays in the uterus for 3 days. As it only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg, the genetic material in the sperm meets with the genetic materials of the egg which then starts a new life. As a women realizes thousands of eggs a year, only around half of these egg are fertilized eggs that are able to develop into babies.

Pregnancy- physical – Pregnancy begins when the sperm meets the egg. Within a day of meeting the single fertilized egg beings to divide, which allows the new eggs to make the fertilized egg the size of a pinhead.When this has happened the collection of eggs then travel to the lining of the uterus where it becomes anchored. Once the developing collection of cells has happen, this is then called an embryo where it is attached to the wall of the uterus where it beings to grow. As soon as the embryo has attached its self to the wall of the uterus, it then sends a chemical signal that stops the women from having another period.

However sometimes this message is not sent, causing a women to still have a period while pregnant. After 8 weeks the embryo has grown approximate 3-CM.By this time the embryo has a recognizable heartbeat and he development of the eyes, ears, mouth, arms and legs begin, this is called a fetus. However by 20 weeks the fetus will have reached about half the length of the baby birth and by 32 weeks the fetus has reached half of its birth weight. During the remaining 7 months of the pregnancy the fetus will develop all of its organs.

In this life stage, the hormones of the female will being to change dramatically. All pregnant women experience a sudden increase in estrogen and progesterone. In addition to this pregnant women will also experience an increase in other hormones within the body.The obvious physical changes in the human body while a women is pregnant are that the breast will develop. This is because the breast are producing milk for when the baby is born. The stomach will grow dramatically, this is because of the fetus growing inside the uterus wall. Intellectual- During this life stage, the intellectual state of the women will improve as she will learn new skills on how to look after a new born baby. Emotional- During pregnancy the emotions of the women will change dramatically, this is because of the different hormones being realized into body.

It is also because she will be ordered about the baby’s development, this is a natural reaction for a mother to be worried even if there is nothing wrong. This will cause the women to have a high level of stress. Birth 0-3 years- Throughout these years the development of a child; physically, intellectual, emotionally and social is huge. Physical – Nine months later after conception the baby will be born, it will have fully developed organs, unless the baby is premature or has health problems.

The new born baby have to take digestible foods as the mother’s milk in the first week in order to grow better.A new born baby, needs supporting to sit up as they haven’t got the strength in the muscles or the control to hold themselves up, they can’t move objects will their hands deliberately. Over the space of moths the baby will learn to sit up by themselves so they no longer need the support of their parent/career, they will also be able to use their hands to move around different objects. Over the next on coming year, at around 18 months the infant will be able to crawl and walk, their growth will start to increase dramatically.Their speech will also improve over the next oncoming years, they’ll be able to say certain rods like ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy.

Also throughout this life stage, the infant will possibly start to learn how to ride a bike and how to swim depending on the development of an individual child. Intellectual- A new born baby can hear sounds and tell the differences in the way things taste, and they can also identify the smell of their mother or career. Throughout this life stage, their intellectual state will advance as they have learned how to walk and talk. This takes concentration and observation of another ones behavior.When a baby is born they are born will various temporary and primitive reflexes. An example of these reflexes are; a new born baby will automatically turn their head towards you when they touch any part of their cheek, this is called the rooting reflexes.

Another one is when you place your finger in the palm of the baby’s hand they Will grasp you finger tightly, this is called the gasp reflexes. If you held a new born baby upright with their feet on the floor they will move their feet’s as if they are walking, this is called the walking reflexes.Emotional- A new born baby, will experiences a huge amount of emotions but they will not be able to control theses emotions. However they will cry when here hungry or when they need their nappy changing. As a baby grows into an infant they will have a better understanding of their emotions, they’ll will be able to control their emotions a lot better than a baby. Some infant tend to develop more advance then others, this infant may not cry a lot where as others may cry in every situation. Social- For a new born baby, it is hard for them to socialism with people but they will, they will socialism with their parents/siblings/family.They will develop in their social skills over the years.

Throughout this life stage an infant will learn how to socialism with other hillier who aren’t there family members. This is because they might be in a private nursery where a child goes from being 1. This allows the infant to advance in their social factors, this is will also allow their speech to improve and become more advance. Childhood 4-9 years- Physical- A child’s growth is one of the obvious physical factors in this life stage, as they will grow a lot throughout these 5 years as a child.A child through this life stages normally loves playing games which should indicate that a child is more than likely going to be able to ride a bike, play football, ND use different range of toys. This will benefit them because when they are socializing with other children it will allow them to be able to join in with the game that their peers are playing. Intellectual- During childhood, a child will learn a new set of skills. As they are at school they will be learning how to read and write, they will be developing their speech on a day to day basis while being there.

They will be developing on their basic math’s and English skills, they should be able to count to a set number however this depends upon the childhood in question because they al learn differently and develop at different stages. Emotional – During this life stage, a child will experience a load of different emotions. They will be able learn how to control how their emotions and use them in different situations. When a child is shown positive emotions by their parents it allows them make friends easier then children who are exposed to negative emotions.As a child they will still depend on their mum and dad for support and guidance to express their emotions to someone. There is going to me a time throughout this stage that a child feels upset because they have Allen out with a friend, this is when they’ll go to their mum and dad for support. Social – During this life stage a child’s social skills increase dramatically. This is because as they are at school they Will start to interact with other children, they will develop new relationships other children.

As a child they will still depend on their mum and dad to interact With some people.They will more than likely have a strong bond with family members their age as it gives the child the chance to interact with someone outside of school and within they family. This is good for them because for example in the school holidays hen a child’s fiends are away on holiday, they have still go that family member who they class as friend to go and socialism with. Adolescence 10-18 years Physical- During adolescence a person’s development is massive. Around the age of 1 0 years old a female will can start her period, sometimes is happens later on in this life stage but in some cases it can happen from the age of being 1 0 years old.

A females hormones will start to change dramatically, they will experience a whole new set of emotions. A female will also experience the development of the breast throughout this life stage, some females develop ore than others but all females will experience the development of breast. In this life stage a male will also start to experience a new set of emotions, throughout this a males testicles will begin to drop. Both females and males will both develop pubic hair under the arm pits, on the legs and in different areas on the body.Males will grow pubic hair around the penis and testicles, where females grow pubic hair around the Virginia. For puberty to occur it involves two pacific parts of the brain. The hypothalamus and the pituitary glands.

The hypothalamus will begin to send chemical messages to the tributary glands where the pituitary glands make other hormones to help puberty occur. In end the hypothalamus realizes two hormones which send a signal that helps to start the sexual development in both females and males. These hormones are called the follicle- stimulating and the Latinizing hormones, this is what helps start of the cycle of puberty.As the body realizes different hormones in the body. When it realizes a certain hormone called testosterone it can causes acne, this is because the skin will become a lot more sensitive and testosterone produces too much oil which then causes acne. In addition to this as the body is releasing different hormones this will allow the human body to grow dramatically over the next 8 years. When a female is 18 they will stop growing in height and at 18 a male will also stop growing. Intellectual- During this life stage the intellectual state develops a lot.

A teenager will learn a variety of different skills as they be leaving primary school and starting high school. They will start to experience a wide range of different subjects, which will improve their overall knowledge. Half way through this life stage they will start their chosen subjects and begin the recess of work leading up to their exams. As they come towards the end of this life stage they will be starting college and again they will experiences a new variety of skills.

They will learn about their chosen subject between 1-2 years depending on the length of the course.During this life stage a teenager will have learned and now understand what’s right and wrong however this will not stop them from showing challenging behavior. Emotional- Throughout this life stage the emotional state will also develop a lot. A teenage will experiences a variety of emotions throughout this life stage for al different reasons. A teenager may show signs of depression because of a life event that has happened, they could off had a long and healthy relationship with a partner but all of a sudden it ended.

This could causes stress and depression for the individual.A teenager Will become self- conscious about their physical changes such a weight, spots or anything else that may affect ones emotional state, they will start to experiences mood swings which anyone round them will be able to notice. As they will be sitting their exams, they will become stressed and nervous. A person can experiences stress or depression caused by many different reasons. One may be being bullied, this sort of thing can lead to depression but it can also lead to suicidal thoughts.

Stress occurs in 3 stages; alarm, resistance and exhaustion.In the alarm stage a stresses will occur that causes one to be stressed, during this you will show different signs of stress such as; sweaty palms, fast heart rate and high blood pressure. Once this has happened you will come in to the resistance stage where your body will try and adapt to the stresses. Even if your body adapts to the stresses your body will still enter the exhaustion stage. If the stresses is still present your body will still try to fight the stresses of, however this can lead to illnesses such as depression or even a heart diseases or attack.Social – Throughout adolescent a teenager will grow as a person.

They will start influence their own life sometimes with the help of others, they will try to find their identity to try and figure who they are in all aspects of their life. As a teenager will try to fit into a group of friends, a person will allow this group to influence their behavior to help boost their self-esteem. They may start to have sexual relationships throughout this life Stage, they will try find their identity.

For example if ones gay, lesbian or bi- sexual and these romantic or sexual relationships will help a person discover who they are. In addition to this, as they will be starting high school and college through this life stage, one will meet a variety of new people and maybe stay friends with these later on in life. As a teenager, they will become distant from family, they will start to show different behaviors to their parents and family maybe because their friends are doing this. They also like o take risks in their actions while out socializing with friends, which will put them self into some difficult situations.Adulthood- 19-65 years Physical – During this life stage an adult will experience many physical factors. For example if a couple are trying to conceive a baby then sexual intercourse will have to take place. If this was to be successful then the physical changes within the women’s body will be the growth of the breast as they produce milk for when the baby is born and the growth of the embryo in the stomach. Towards the middle of this life stage they may experience changes in their erosion, hearing and their immune system.

The changes in their immune system can lead to greater risk of infection because the human body will become weaker as one grows older, making it harder to fight of infections. As you grow older your face will start to show wrinkles and your hair will possible start turning grey in some areas. This is because the body starts to lose vitamins, pigments and cells as you grow older because the body starts to treated. Normally an adults health will also start to get worse towards the end of this life stage, this is because they will start to see a change in their life Tyler such as eating junk food instead of healthy food.

.In this life stage a women will start to experience the menopause, which can cause the women to experience a huge amount of different emotions and she still suffer from hot sweats. In addition to this it will lead to unbelievable and unexplainable mood swings.

Intellectual -? In the early stages of adult hood, young adults tend to still think like they did as an adolescence, they still tend to hold on to their childhood dreams no matter how unrealistic they are. Whereas someone in the middle stage of this life stage, tend to have more of a better understanding of the world.They may have had more life experiences bad and good, that show them the world isn’t a black and white as people think. During this life stage an adult learns how to solve problems and think a lot deeper into a situation, they will also start to over analysis things. An adult will also start to gain more knowledge around their area of work or future career choices, as this is what they want to do for the rest of their life. This will give them the opportunity to carry out any research or history on this subject and gain even more knowledge then they already have.

Emotional – In this life stage and young adult is more than likely going to moving out of their parents’ house and getting their own house/flat. This could cause stress for both the young adult and the parents. They young adult may be stressed about moving out and how they are going to manage without the constant support of their parents. An adult may decide that they want a family or a young adult may already have a child/children and they move out this could cause them more stress than normal.

Social – During this life stage, the stress of moving out oftener parents could causes them to stop socializing for a while while they try and get used to living alone. If the young adult was to already have children this would cause them a lot more stress then normal and will affect their social life as they will be a parent and they can’t also go out lot. Older Adulthood 65+ ; Physical – The physical state of an older adult, will change dramatically. You will see a change in their physical state, as their muscles will become weaker.This can be avoid if regular exercise is happening, this will allow the muscles to become stronger. When the muscles do become too weak they are unable o hold the human body up, this will causes the older adult to fall and hurt them self. This fall could lead to a variety of different illness depending on this extent of the fall.

This Will also cause them to lose height and start to become smaller as their bones become brittle. The older adult will definitely have wrinkles on the face and the rest of their body, and their hair will be grey or white in color this is because skin is no longer at tight as it used to be.This is also because as a person grows older they start to lose vitamins, pigments and cells which cause the body to start to treated. Intellectual – As a person gets to this age they may start to lose their intelligence, they will also start to experience the loss of being able to think and solve problems as fast they used to 5-10 years ago. This will cause them to get frustrated at themselves because they can’t think and resolve things as fast as they used to be cable Of.Throughout this life stage, a person will start to lose their memory, they will become very forgetful of certain things, they could be extremely important or not even necessary but they’ll will experience a loss of memory throughout this life stage. This could be caused by an illness such as amnesia or just because the brain is slowly iterating.

Emotional – When one gets to this age they’ll see a difference in the way people treat them however this is not what they want, they like to be treated how they was before they got to this stage in life.This will causes them to start experience a lot of different emotions, they may become frustrated or even upset because people are no longer treating them how they used to. In addition to this, they may start to feel alone as their children/ grandchildren are out experiencing new things in life. Social -? When one is to get to this stage, they are most likely to retire however this is not always the case. Some people like to carry on working until their body is no longer able to allow them to carry on working.As someone at this age will normally retire from work, which will allow them to have more time to socialism with someone. This will give them the opportunity to socialism with old childhood friends or to go and do activities that they enjoy doing such as bingo or golf.

Someone of this age normally enjoys meeting up with old friends at the pub which again gives them to chance to socialism a lot more. In addition to this, in some cases someone of this age will tend to volunteer for charity shops or other shops as this gives them the chance socialism with people while helping out their local community.The final stages of life- physical -The physical State Of someone in this life Stage will extremely change. As someone in this life stage will no longer be able to walk and their body movement will be very minimum they will find it hard to express their facial expression and body language as the muscles in the body become too weak to show any emotions or any other expressions.

As they will no longer e able to walk they will begin to get frustrated at this, as all they will want to do it stand up and walk, this could affect them emotionally as well as physically.If one is no longer able to walk they will have a catheter attached them what will be changed several times a day. In addition to this a person in this situation will be washed and teeth brushed on a daily basis to keep clean and fresh.

Intellectual – Someone in this life stage will lose the majority of their intellectual state however their brain might try and go back to a special time or event that happened in their life that made them happy, this is cause they don’t want to think of the worse situation.However in addition this the brain is iterating so the brain will find it hard to focus on certain things or even understand certain things. There is a chance that thefts forget a variety of different events that has occurred in one’s life, this can causes distress to the individual and their family. Emotional – The emotional state of someone in this life stage will be extremely hard for the individual because they will experience a wide range of emotions. From guilt, to depression, to anxiety, to happiness.There is many more emotions that one may experience in this situation but the main ones are, guilt, sadness and happiness.

This is because they will feel quilting about leaving their family behind because they will have to suffer to lose of a family member this is also linked to sadness because one is going to miss his family and they don’t know what happens after death but one will feel happiness because they are finally going to be free of all the emotional and physical they have experienced throughout their life.Social -? The social factors in this life stage are very strange, even though Emily and friends will be coming to see the person in this life stage, depending on their condition they won’t be able to commutation with their visitor’s but they’ll know that they are there. The person in this situation may be able to communication With the people in the room in some sense, just by moving their arm or leg.Predictable and unpredictable life events Predictable- One predictable life event is starting primary school, this is predictable because the majority of people in the world will start primary school when they are supposed to. This will affect and individuals life because it helps hem in the development throughout childhood and the rest of their life’s.

In primary school one learns the basic Math’s and English skills, which will help them proceed throughout life in education.If one was to have a massive amount of time of school during primary school, they will miss the basics of Math’s and English which could lead to them falling behind in education throughout the one coming years. This could affect an individual in many aspects of their life it could causes them to be embarrassed and too scared to ask for help which will causes them to fall behind even more. Another eradicable life event is puberty, this is predictable because everyone in the world will experience and go through puberty.Some people start puberty later than others however it all depends on the person in question on when they will start puberty. This will change their life because it allows them to have the physical changes to the human body.

In addition to this is allows females to produces eggs and allows males to produces sperm when ejaculation is taking place, this allows a female and male to have sexual intercourse and have the chance to conceive a baby. Not only does it just low this to happen but the puberty cycle also allows the development of the breast in women and the growth of the penis on males.Unpredictable- One unpredictable life event is abuse, this is unpredictable because no one plans on being abused. Someone may plan on abusing someone but no one plans on being abused. This can change an individual’s life in many aspects regardless if the abuse is physical, mental or emotional. This can affect a person physically, mentally and emotionally state massively. This can cause depression, is a worse case scenario this level of depression could causes the individual to have suicidal thoughts and maybe attempt to take on their own life.