Developmental Biography Essay

Identify a child 3 months to 10 years old and assess his/her developmental milestone for four days. The subject chosen for my study is my 6 year old son Rohan James Jr. I have observed him for the specified period and have made the following observations as outlined.

(1) Assess physical development (e. g. ability to roll over, sit up, dress self and manipulate objects) Observe the child at play. Note use of motor skills, measure his/her height and weight. Rohan is 52lbs and is 3ft tall. Rohan likes to play actively 50% of the time and sedentary with video games and computers 50% of the time.When he is active he likes to kick around his football, dance to music, and ride around on his scooter.

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He expertly guides his football around his father towards the goal post. He has a little trouble making difficult maneuvers and becomes a little confused when his father makes his moves more complicated. This does not deter him though as he quickly adjusted his strategy to get around daddy. When dancing his body moves in tandem with the beat of the music. Mommy and Daddy are both dancers and he imitates the moves done by them with ease.He does the splits, cartwheels and turns without trouble. He uses his scooter to ride between the living room and dining room and skillfully navigates around the furniture without bumping into them.

He is an expert at video games that require intricate hand/eye coordination. He scores high on the driving and speed racing games. He is also adept at strategy games such as Pac man, Angry Bird, Jewel Quest and Fruit Ninja.

He is also able to turn on and properly use all the audio and visual appliances in the house i. . DVD player, computer, screen, television, component set, laptops & blackberry phones. He is also able to navigate the computer to look for the things that he knows and uses these programmes. He is able to connect to the hard drive, watch movies, play computer games and play music on the different devices. He is able to make a light breakfast of cereal and cold milk, peel his own fruits and use the bathroom on his own. He adequately takes showers, dresses himself, ties his shoes and brushes his own hair. (2)Assess cognitive development (memory, ability to reason and problem solve, exploring the environment with hands and eyes and compare with Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development.

Note speech and language development – ability to understand and use language Jean Piaget (1896-1980) was a biologist who first studied Mollusks and published several papers on them by the time he became a young adult. He later on moved on to study the development of children by observing them and interacting with them while they work on projects that he developed for them.He made his theory based on studying mostly his own children and the children of his close friends. His particular idea was about maturation or simply put “growing up” and the children’s increasing ability to understand the world. He theorizes that children develop in stages and that it s impossible for them to carry out certain tasks until they are psychologically mature enough to do so. He also proposes that the development is not a steady process but that it happens in “leaps and bounds” and foresees these transitions at ages 18 months, 7 years and 11 or 12 years.At his current age (6) Rohan remembers most things.

His ability to retain and regurgitate information is a source of surprise to most people. He remembers the lyrics to songs, he remembers the dance moves to particular songs, he remembers the music that is played in movie scores and hums them aloud during the movies. He has attempted to drive the car on several occasions carrying out all the steps in the correct order. I.

e. he goes to the parking lot, uses the car opener button on the key to locate and open the car, inserts the key, attempts to put the car in gear, step on the gas and turns the steering.If this incident is at night he turns on the headlamp and if it is raining he activates the wiper. As mentioned before he remembers how to work all the gadgets and navigates himself through the computers, laptop, Ipad and smart phone devices. He even attempts to teach his grandmother, aunts and mother how to use these devices. Rohan is also able to take things apart are replace them in the same order that he removed them. This allows him to manipulate puzzles with ease. These are things that according to Piaget he should not be able to do until at least age 7.

Rohan is able to understand when he is causing someone to become uncomfortable and makes adjustments to his behavior to achieve and more pleased response. He gets embarrassed when reprimanded in public and withdraws into his room or a private space. He willingly shares his toys, space, bed and other personal belongings. According to Piaget’s Theory, at this age he should be mainly egocentric and should have difficulty taking the viewpoint of others.

In the case of Rohan, this is not so. He understands very well when spoken to and carries out instructions precisely.He however has challenges expressing himself with language. His speech patterns are hard to understand and he sounds slurred. There is some evidence of stuttering in his speech.

He supplements his speech limitations with hand and body actions and uses the 3 to communicate effectively. Based on the studies he should be able to speak clearly using longer sentences. Stuttering is shown to be expected at this age. (3) Social and Emotional Development – Child’s interaction with others Observe him at mealtime, at play and during interaction with siblings/parentsHe has become less clingy or more independent from Mommy but acts insecure when Mommy shows affection for another child.

He craves attention and is constantly trying to teach or demonstrate some skill that he has acquired. He likes to spend time with other members of the family and has developed friendships with children in his age group. He has a friendship with a four year old with whom he shares his toys and personal belongings without complaint and expresses displeasure when they are leaving each other’s company.

Rohan is aware of the actions and consequences. He knows when he does something that warrants punishment and tries to apologize before being “caught” by an adult. He is able to explain his parents’ rules to his friends to ensure that they do not get into trouble either. At meal time he eats his meals and displays proper table manners. He does not eat the foods he does not like no matter how much he is prodded or coached.

He is unbending in this regard and seems unable to adapt to anything else.