Deviant for a Day Essay

On Being a Deviant for a Day: 162- Psychology October 5, 2012 To understand deviant behavior you must first understand the definition. Deviant behavior is one that differs from a norm, especially from a person whose behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards; the behavior that differs from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society. The deviant behavior that I performed was talking in the third person, but instead for one day I did it for a week. The first thing I did to perform this behavior was to get acquainted with talking in third person.

So for five minutes in the mirror I practiced certain sayings, along with gestures to compliment what I was saying. The second step was introducing my new attitude and behavior to my peers and family members. The second step was the hardest because my peers thought it was a joke, so I had to convince them nothing was wrong. The third step was to keep a straight face and not give into negative notions that would make me want to stop the experiment. I choose this behavior because it’s not too drastic and people won’t jump to the conclusion that I’m doing for attention or for an experiment.

This behavior also represents narcissistic tendencies, so people that I encountered for the first time questioned my personality and felt like I was spoiled and conceited. During this experiment many of my peers thought I was joking around at first but when I continued for a week to carry-out speaking in third person, they understood it wasn’t a hoax. Many of my peer kept questioning me on why I kept doing it, I even annoyed one of my friends; she texted me and complained that she didn’t like my new behavior and that she wanted the old me back.

First encounters with people were particularly awkward, because they would just look at me with this puzzled face and make condescending remarks. I. E I was at my friend’s house and she had guest over that I just met for the first time. My friend ask if anybody wanted a soda and I responded say “ Carletta doesn’t drink soda” after saying this remark, all eyes were on me. There was even laughter and some minor snickering /mocking of my behavior. When I preformed this behavior to my parents over the phone, they were concerned at first but then laughter came into play because I guess parents just know their kids.

Funny thing was after every conversation I had with them, they asked me if I was eating enough , was I feeling okay or do they need to come down to the school. I informed them that everything was okay and on the third day I told them it was an experiment for class. This experiment was truly uncomfortable for me because I like being accepted by people, not annoying or giving bad impressions of myself. Before this experiment took place, I thought it would be a piece of cake but when people start judging you and speculating negative notions toward your character, it just made me personally question people’s social morals.

Again, during this experiment I felt weird and uncomfortable especially if I had been selected in class to answer a question; all you heard was why she is talking like that. In this experiment I learned that there is nothing wrong with being different. Being different can set you apart from the normal population; it can actually make you stand out (in a good or bad way). There is nothing wrong with being different even if it doesn’t go with the flow of society, but if it afflicts pain or can cause harm to you or others then the behavior should be reconsidered.

I truly believe that deviant behavior in some cases is not that bad, for example: When a person eats out at a restaurant, they use appropriate etiquette of using utensils and closing their mouth when they chew, they are conforming to the rules dining etiquette. Imagine you doing the complete opposite, food falling out your mouth, burping and you not using utensils; this is deviant behavior because others turn their noses up at this behavior. This experiment has opened my eyes to see how behavior can truly affect you and others around you.