Since the 1900’s the world’s population has expanded greatly. With more people there is
a higher, and faster demand for food. But this demand cannot be fulfilled with old technology.

In Texas, most of the state was farmland in the early 1900’s but as population started growing
it’s farm land was decreasing. So Texas farmers were going to have to find a way to grow more
crop in a smaller space. Fertilizer was now starting to make its way in the agricultural world. It
helped farmers get more out of their crop, even if their in a smaller space. This helped the
farmers globally because they didn’t need as big of a farm for a large mass of crop.

The United States is considered a more developed country which means we have better
technology than most country’s. Better technology will allow for a crop to be planted,
harvested, and plowed faster. The faster things like that are done on a farm the faster the food
gets to its selling point. With the bigger population food will need to be distributed faster.

New technology like diesel powered tractors have allowed for seeding and plowing to go much
quicker. The plow, used to be pulled by a horse or a donkey. Now there pulled with 450
horsepower machines thats will cost you close to $200,000. For example the John Deere 9420
is the most common tractor you will see pulling the 70ft John Deere plow. With just one pass
the John Deere has gone 70x faster than the donkey has.

Although some countries in the world are still using old technology such as the scythe. Kenya
is an example of one of those countries, they are so undeveloped that they have to collect rain
water so they can water there plants when it hasn’t rained. This makes there job very difficult
but since they still have a family and other people in their community that need to be fed they
take that challenge with the little technology they have. As the days go by though, the more
technology comes out such as, stacked farming. Stacked farming is farms being stacked on
top of each other to conserve space but also allow for plenty of crop to grow. Stacked farming
would look just like any other ordinary building though so it could be just about anywhere.
Water, we love it and use it like its unlimited. But as our population grows, the water
source is going to be more limited. Farmers in the more developed country’s are starting to
experiment with water management by reusing water as many time as possible. There also
using water gauges that tell the farmer when the plant has had enough water so water is not
wasted. With this type of technology we will be able to farm well into our future. Although more
space is needed for more crop. The stacked farming has the solution. And we can hope that
newer technology will reach less developed countries grow enough food to support their own
countries. Something else that would help with feeding our future is more farmers. Only 11% of
our worlds population is farmers. But if that were to be 20%, think of just how many of the
countries with little to no food would be fed with plenty of food. In conclusion, technology has
greatly advanced in parts of the world and has allowed more crop to grow with less space and
more people.
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