Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most successful cloud computing companyon the planet because it is garnering more than 30 percent of the cloud servicemarket. That is more than the three closest rivals which is the combination of Microsoft,IBM and Google. Amazon Web Services offers on-demand cloud computing servicesto organizations, individuals, governments and companies around the world. It isa constituent company of Amazon.com based in Seattle,Washington, United State that provide the cloud computing services can be usedfor almost anything imaginable. In July 2002, AWS platform waslaunched to show the technology and products from Amazon and the associates.

Itallow the developers to develop entrepreneurial applications by their own self. At first, Amazon Web Services platformcomprised of only a few distinct tools and services. In the late of 2003, AWSconcept was reformulated publicly when Chris Pinkham and Benjamin Black presenteda paper that clearly describe a vision for future Amazon’s retail cloud computingservice.

The idea proposed was the cloud service would be completely automated andstandardized, and would rely extensively on the web services for providing itscloud services. In the same piece of paper, they alsoproposed the possibility of selling access to virtual servers as a service to thepublic, proposing the AWS company could generate much more revenue and profit fromthe new cloud service infrastructure investment. The first AWS launched forpublic usage which is Simple Queue Service (SQS) in November 2004.

After that, ChristopherBrown and Pinkham built the Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud with a group ofmembers in the capital of South Africa.In 14 March 2006, Amazon Web Serviceswas officially re-launched which is already 11 years ago. It started by offeringIT infrastructure services to the businesses in the form of the web services, whichis usually known as cloud computing.

 AmazonWeb Services combine the three initial service offerings of Simple StorageService, Simple Queue Service, and Elastic Computer Cloud. Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2)and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) are the two core Infrastructure as aService (IaaS) services that are used by cloud application solution developersaround the world. Amazon Web Services platform finally offered an integratedsuite of vast amount of online services such as EC2, S3 and many others, as whatChris Pinkham and Benjamin Black had proposed back in the year 2003.

Theservice provided to other companies, client-side applications and many others. After that, Andrew R. Jassy and vicepresident of Amazon in 2006, mentioned at the time that Amazon Simple StorageService which is one of the first and most scalable elements of Amazon WebServices. It can help out developers who are concerning about where they shouldstore the data and whether the data stored in the cloud will be more safety andsecure.

If it will be available when the developers need the data, the costsassociated with server maintenance, or whether the developers have enoughstorage available. By using Amazon Simple Storage Service, it allow the developersto focus on innovating with the data. So, the developers can save a lot of timebecause they do not need to figure out how to store the data.In the year 2009 alone, AWS demonstratedto be prominent with many developers needing to develop applications and run itquickly on the cloud, but there is only a few couple of traditional enterpriseswere confident with moving their business workloads into the cloud instances. TheVirtual Private Cloud (VPC) was launched as part of AWS’ aspirations to gain trustand more revenues from more security-conservative businesses by giving them an independentand private partition of the AWS cloud services so called container.In 2013, AWS launched the popular datawarehousing service RedShift as part of the continuous effort of enhancing thedata handling capabilities of its cloud platform. Launched in the same year withNoSQL service DynamoDB, RedShift is depicted as “fully managed, petabyte-scaledata warehouse service in the cloud”.

Big data processing service, Kinesis werelaunched during the following year. By the year 2015, RedShift was announced asthe quickest developing product in the company history.Many big cloud service providers had keptthe actual amount of money that they are making in secret for years. IBM and Microsofton the other hand had announced their cloud service revenues with a scope ofothers revenues.

In May 2015 it finally gave a clearer thought of how much moneyAWS was actually making. According to AWS, the company had achieved $4.6billion in revenues for the year 2014 itself, and it is expected to grow at an annualrate of 49 percent in 2015. At the start of 2016, Amazon CEO JeffBezos was quite confident that its subsidiary AWS would hit $10 billion in thecompany’s income that what Amazon can achieve at the same milestone. In theyear 2016 itself, AWS was earning an enormous revenue of $12.

2 billion, with operatingincome contributing about $3.1 billion total in profit.AWS has always had an extensivenumber of data center availability zones.

But, with its clients and customers progressivelyworried about data sovereignty issues, AWS have stepped up its endeavors toprovide regional as well as locally located data centers. AWS has been launchinga UK region data center back in December 2016. The swift footstep was immediatelyfollowed by both Google and Microsoft.Nowadays, Amazon Web Servicesprovides a broad set of global cloud computing product and services includingcompute, databases, analytics, networking, storage, mobile services, developertools, management tools, Internet of things (IoT), security and enterpriseapplications. The AWS services can help the organizations to improve theirdecision making and performance, scale, and lower IT cost. After that, it also provides cloudsolutions for websites, backup and recovery, archiving, development and test,big data, financial services, high performance computing, digital marketing, andmany others. Amazon Web Services is accepted by the biggest companies andstart-ups to power a wide type of the workloads which is providing the web andmobile applications, archive, game development, storage, and so on.

Amazon Web Services offers a highlyreliable and low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud. It consist powershundreds of thousands of the businesses in over 190 countries worldwide. With thedata center locations in the United State, Europe, Singapore, Japan, Australiaand many other countries, users across all the industries to take the benefitssuch as flexible, low cost, secure, agility and instant elasticity.