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Diagnosis and treatment planning are important components of orthodontic practice. Different diagnostic records are taken by orthodontists to analyze and use to determine a treatment plan. Plaster study models are a standard and important component in orthodontic records. These study models are essential when doing the diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan.1 They are also used when treatment progress and results are evaluated, in case presentations and for record keeping.¬†Accurate trimming of these study models to achieve parallelism and proper size is important for proper diagnosis and treatment planning. Well trimmed, esthetically pleasing models reflect the practitioner’s attention to detail and are a part of the patient’s legal treatment record.2, 3American Board of Orthodontics prescribes certain specifications for plaster study models for universal acceptance.4However, fabrication of plaster study models is time consuming and critical as it requires precise trimming of the plaster bases. The use of rubber base formers has simplified the works of orthodontists and lab technicians. However, achieving parallelism between the bases and equal size of the models according to ABO guidelines is very difficult as there is no mechanical aid to orient the bases and very little care is given to make the height of each model same i.e. 35mm.In this article, we will describe a new, easy and inexpensive procedure to fabricate orthodontic study models using rubber base formers and mean value articulator to achieve standardized study models accurately every time without trimming the base.However, with the advancement of technology, orthodontists are switching over to digital models which deliver significant benefits over conventional plaster models. However, plaster models offers some benefits over digital models as they are better visualized, need no special equipments to capture and store the images and are cost-effective. The procedure described above will help the clinicians to fabricate accurate standardized study models which are cost-effective and time saving