Diary of a part time indian Essay

The Decision that Changed My Life“In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie, Junior, the main character of the book, makes the decision to change his life. In this book, Junior discusses the problems with his life and how he wanted to make a difference. He describes his family as poor and explains that they did not get a good education on the reservation. Junior decides to leave his Indian reservation to better his education in hopes of having a good job or being famous.

When Junior leaves the Indian reservation, his decision changed his life. This year I also made a decision like Junior to change my life in a positive way. I had been living in an apartment on my own for almost three years.

In the time period that I lived alone, I stacked up rent bills, utility bills, credit card bills, and car payments. As a result I decided to move back into my father’s house, and doing so changed my life. Junior’s decision was a little different from mine, but we both made the decision that would benefit us in a positive way. Junior was getting a better education, and I was going to pay off my debt.

Junior was worried about what other members of the reservation would say about him leaving to go to another school. “You’ll be the first one to ever leave the reservation this way,” Junior’s Mom said. “The Indians around here are going to be very angry with you.”The Indian reservation treated Junior badly for leaving the school; I would be the first child to move back in with my dad. When I made my decision, I was scared of what people would say about me being twenty and moving back home but when the offer came to me, I had no choice but to accept and move home. Before I moved home, I was struggling to make payments on my bills, and I slowly fell behind.

I fell into a deep depression during those months from the debt I collected. As each day went by, it had gotten harder and harder for me to smile. My eyes were constantly filled with tears, and I never had the urge to get anything done. Just as Junior was worried about everyone else, I was too. Junior lost friends on the reservation and was bullied and picked on for his decision. I had also been worrying about what people would think of me, when I should have been thinking how it would better my future when I moved home. Junior changes schools and soon begins to forget about what people think of him.

Junior didn’t let what people thought of him get in the way, and neither did I.Junior did not have the chance to move home and have more money. Junior had to go off the reservation to further educate himself to find a job and make money. The book refers back to how Junior’s family did not even have enough money to take Junior’s sick dog to the vet.

Also, Junior’s family did not have enough money to take Junior to school every day. Junior’s family did not suffer because they didn’t know how to save money; his family was just poor and they had no money. Junior’s family was raised on the reservation and did not get a good education. Also, Junior’s family did not come from any money and had always been poor. The reservation has limited places to work and did not pay well. Junior’s decision to change his life is a hard decision. Not only does he have to change schools, he also loses his best friend Rowdy, and the reservation treated him badly. I just had to move home and learn how to manage my money.

After a few months of being home I’ve been able to budget and pay off all my bills. My decision bettered my future, and going home helped me save up for college. Now, I am enrolled in college as a part-time student at McLennan Community College. In conclusion, I believe Junior and I made a positive decision in our negative times. Junior’s decision leads him in the right path to a better life. My decision helped me pay off bills, and save up money for college. Junior and I both had money problems, but we figured out a way to overcome the situation. Junior overcame the situation by leaving the reservation, knowing that people would hate him.

Also, he made friends that didn’t judge him on his choices. I learned that sometimes you have to work with what you have. Moving back in with my dad not only helped me, it made me closer with my family. I am now enrolled in college and I am starting to make my life more positive.