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did you ever
think about the word “geography” did you think of terrains, mountains,
highlands, plains, and not only that geography is not all of the natural things
that we can see it can be the weather that we live in everyday life also much
other stuff like population or industry.


Firstly, Asia is the biggest continent of all the other continents, so
the area of Asia is 44 million. The population of Asia is estimated
to 60% of all the population of the world. The natural environment of Asia is
relaying important because there are many important things that the nature of
Asia carry so the natural environment of Asia is divided into plains. The
plains of Asia covers place more than the natural environment. The mountain
region is the most covering place in Asia.

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Secondly, the industry of Asia most of the people in Asia works in
Agriculture. The most important production of Agriculture that they get is rice
because the most thing that they produce is rice. The production of rice in all
of Asia is about 90% and India produces 60% of rice production worldwide. The
best place that produces goods in Japan, then China, Russia, and India.


Finally, Europe is the second smallest continent after Australia; Europe
is located in the Western and Northern Hemispheres. The terrains of Europe is
divided into Central plains and coastal plains, Northwest Highlands, Southern
Highlands, and terrains. The weather of Europe is moderate and rainy. Industry
and transporting goods and electrical energy mostly use the rivers of Europe.
In Europe, agriculture is also used as an industry the most important planting
that they have is (wheat, Barley, corn, potatoes, fruits,) etc.… 

To conclude, even if there are many small continents but their
production is really high and better than other places around the world an
example is Australia its production is high according to the population and the