Did hydrogen end of one particle would

Did you know that about 71 % of ourearth is covered with water? That our human bodies are made of about 45% to 60%of water? And that plants contain 90 to 95% of water? Water is a need thatevery living creature needs, as humans we have factors that are needed in orderto live water is one of them , water is also everywhere and it affects us inmany ways since we use it in our everyday lives like drink it, shower , washour hands and many more . Water also helps us not only because its everywhereand somehow it doesn’t run out but also because of its special properties like itthe ability of expanding upon freezing which isn’t a property available inother substances and its density that makes floating objects float like ice andthis also affects benthic organisms in a specific way.The formula of water (H20) revealsto us that one atom of water is incorporated 2 particles of hydrogen and oneparticle of oxygen strengthened together. The bonds which hold the hydrogen andoxygen together are called covalent bonds – they are exceptionally strong, thewater particle is curved and the water molecule has two  charges of each the positive hydrogen end ofone particle would interface be able to distinctly with the negative lone matchthat connect another water atom. This network or bond is call “Hydrogenbond”, which is kind of electrostatic power (positive to negative). Sinceevery last one of the water particles can layout four Hydrogen bond, themolecule shapes a framework that looks like a curved line with a positive and anegative charge.

 This hydrogen bond gets moregrounded as the temperature gets lower (in light of the fact that there is lesswarm vitality to shake the hydrogen bonds out of position). The ice structureis totally hydrogen reinforced, and these bonds compel the crystallinestructure to be extremely “open”, it is this open strong structurethat makes ice be less thick than liquid water. That is the reason ice driftson water, for which we should all be grateful in light of the fact that ifwater acted “typically” many waterways would solidify strong in thewinter, murdering all the life inside them this is why water helps benthicorganisms to survive during winter. 

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