Diet for a Warm Planet Essay

“Diet for a Warm Planet” by Julia Whitty is an interesting article. Throughout this article, Whitty made her argument for her proposal about reaching a consensus that the earth is currently heating up because of human. According to the author, she also discusses many ways that can help people reduce the carbon by installing more efficient lighting, heating and cooling in the plants. However, Whitty noted that dieting and losing weight were able to reduce the amount of energy, which can reduce atmospheric pollution.

In all , I totally agree with Whitty when she claim that climate change is caused by human, not just a natural phenomenon; however, I also think there are some another ways to protect habitat. First of all, the cause of current climate change is typical of global warming has been confirmed is mainly due to human activities. Humans have used more energy mainly from raw materials including coal, oil, natural gas, which was released to the atmosphere increasing the gas causing the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere, leading to raise the temperature of the earth.

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Previously, scientists and environmental organizations appealed to people is health concerns, but the majority are very apathetic and think that the consequences of climate change are still far away. But now, even people who pay little attention to the environment also cannot recognize the increasingly serious consequences due to global warming. Everyone has heard so much about all the problems of ecological environment.

Especially when we have very different lifestyles, our carbon emissions are very different and we are also creating problems of ecological environment are very different. Time has passed when people thought that recycling is just enough, and that they have done their responsibilities when people throw their bottles on recycle bin but it is not. Second, in order to protect habitat, we can do more than just dieting.

For example, planting trees to absorb CO2 is a good idea because trees will photosynthesize and bring many benefits like controlling erosion or reflecting solar heat. In addition, we also can apply technician such as solar energy. For human life, solar energy is a renewable source of energy is precious nowadays because it is free, clean and endless. I believe that climate change is not only a matter of each individual country, or of individual human beings – it is a matter of everyone on the planet.

Especially, pollution and climate change show responsibility and not just relations between man and man, but also between man and nature, with the Earth. The pain and the hurt that people cause one another, sometimes very long way to go is inconsolable. But people are always self-renewal and the future generations; always do more than what old generations did. All the wounds of humanity, whether by illness, or are from war, then it will just be one day past the grief. However, the damage we caused to the Earth, there may come a time that will never heal again.