Differences Between Past and Our Present Essay

The cultural beliefs have the power to change or create a new idea of something. Culture and society affect the image people have about family, all this because of the big influence this two aspects represent in people’s lifes. The customs and traditions in 1950s were different to the ones we have these days.

In the fifties the family had to be perfect, as Stephanie Coontz said in What We Really Miss About the 1950s “It is the belief that the 1950s provided a more family-friendly economic and social environment, an easier climate in which to keep kids on the straight and narrow, and above all, a greater feeling of hope for a family’s long term future, especially for its young. ” for example they have a perfect breakfast and dinner and all the family had to be there.

Nowadays this usually does not happen because everyone has different activities and they do not have enough time for this. In the 1950s people was closed minded, they discriminate people because of their color, sexual preferences or just because they do not approve what they do or like. At the present time this kind of discrimination is still happening, not as much as in the past but is still a problem of this days.

In 2012 people is more tolerant to certain things but, as I said before some persons still discriminate and do not let woman work or be just themselves. Through the years these kinds of ideas have been changing and people is trying to remove this. All the families of the fifties tried to show the perfect image for the world, they were consider the best and perfect image.

The father was the provider of the house, he was authoritarian and all of the family had to obey him, the mother had to be the perfect wife, cleaning, cooking and she had to receive his husband with a big and beautiful smile, the children had to be good students and obedient. Nowadays that image is not really that important, because people is more tolerant to different situations for example single moms or divorced parents, the women can work now, they can be the providers of the house or both of the parents can help in the house and be suppliers and is not longer bad or strange.

The idea of family has been changing through the years, because the society has evolved and has been changing their image of family thanks to the influence of cultural aspects. As we can see there still are similarities in some parts and ideas but most of them are different now. People is trying to change these negative thoughts because they could be dangerous for our society.