Should next generation will all be illiteracy. How

Should a street cleaner’s pay be similar to a university professor’s pay? Give reasons for your answer. In society, it is obvious to find that there is wide range of wages on different jobs. For example, a university professor has more than $10,000 per month while a street cleaner may only have $3000 per month. This wide range of wages worsens the social inequality. Their life style, value and social status would all be affected. Although the wages difference would cause further divisions in society, without this difference, the competitiveness of the society will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, a street cleaner’s pay should not similar to a university professor’s pay. Nowadays, most societies are diversified. Different types of jobs are needed to fulfill different people needs, division of labour become more and more important. Even in theories brought out many years ago such as the Marxian perspective, also suggested to divide people into Bourgeoisie and proletariat according to their income level. so that they can work in different section and so increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness. However, the workload and requirement are different in different jobs.

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Jobs which have heavier workload and need special techniques will have a higher wage in order to attract people to work in this session. If the wages of all jobs are the same, then people will probably choose those jobs with lower workload and simple procedure. In other words, most people will prefer to be a street cleaner rather than a university professor because being a street cleaner, no special skill is needed and the workload is much lower. Try to imagine if there is no teacher, no university professors, what will the society look like? It will probably return back to the most primitive period of time.

Our next generation will all be illiteracy. How can our society develop under this situation? An effective role allocation should be matched up with an effective role performance. Like the concept of Class Consciousness brought out by Karl Marx said that each group has their own goals, people must perform well in order to achieve this goals. If people performed well, they can not only achieve their goals, and also they may be able to climb up to upper class according to the concepts of class mobility.

What are the attractions of belonging upper class? Firstly, the social status will be upgraded, more people will trust you and agree with your idea, you may have priorities in many aspects, such as discount on transportation. For the economic benefits, their wages will be increased, so then their living environment can be improved. This is the sole source to enforce people to perform well, so once wages become the same for any jobs, no one is willing to work hard. As a result, its development will be fallen into a stationary. On the economic perspective, based on the concept of demand and supply, street cleaner’s pay should not be similar to a university professor’s pay.

According to this concept, the cost is higher if its supply is low, but the cost is lower when its supply is higher. Adopting this concept into the pay, since being a professor needs a very high education level, it needs a lot of time and pays many efforts to train a professor, so the supply is less. On the other hand, a professor is given a high expectation to provide the best education to students. Once there is any mistake found, they must take the highest responsibility. The high expectation and responsibility bring them many pressures.

This pressure not only comes from school staff, and also outsiders because tertiary education represents the education standard of the whole place. Once any academic mistakes found in tertiary will damage the image of their own states, so many outsides pay attention on university. This high pressure is not easy to release, so less people are willing to be professor.