Three Styles Of Parenting Essay

What are the different parenting styles used by families? Which do you think is better? Why? There are three different types of parenting styles used by families, authoritarian, permissive and democratic. Authoritarian style is when the parents present themselves as absolute authority in all matters. Children do not argue with their parents decisions and they are taught respect for authority to instill strong moral character in them. The children aren’t allowed to speak their own opinion. Permissive Style is when parents let their children do things on their own and make their own choices.

For example, when it comes to the child’s bedtime, homework, TV schedule and what they eat, etc. Last parenting style is democratic. This style is when parents use a both styles. Both parents and children are able to voice their needs and opinions. When the family makes decisions, it usually is up to the entire family, the parents have the final decision. This is an open- communication style. I feel that the democratic style is better than the other woo parenting styles because it has a mix of both styles in it, there should be a fair amount of discipline and freedom. . What makes a person ready for parenthood? When should an individual consider entering parenthood? Who should postpone parenthood? Should everyone become a parent eventually? Do you think some people should not become parents altogether. A person is ready for parenthood when they feel ready to enter this stage of life. This should be considered when they have their financial needs under control and when they are able to give their child all of the necessities they require.

They should postpone parenthood if they feel they couldn’t handle it and if they don’t know if they are going to be able to support another person in their family. I feel its up to the individuals themselves. It’s a good experience but a huge responsibility. I don’t feel as if all people should become parents, it truly depends on how they would treat their child and how they would care for their child. They have to be willing to take on all of the responsibilities that comes with having a child and are willing to give time out of their life to care for a child.