Different This can be dangerous if the

Different types of immunity:

Natural –active:

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Natural infection occurs during infection. It is active
because the lymphocytes are active by the antigens on the pathogens surface.
When the body comes into contact with an infection, the immune systems response
increases. This is by producing antibodies which fights the infection. 


All infants are born with an immune system, antibodies are transferred
to the infants. This is to allow an effective response to a potential pathogen.
Although some species have more layers within the placental barrier, it could
affect the transfer of immunity. Infants need colostrum. This is needed within
the first 24 hours of them being born. It is needed within the 24 hours as it
contains concentrated antibody molecules, vitamins, nutrients and water. The
antibodies are absorbed through the intestinal wall, this Is within the first
few hours of them being born. If the mother had been recently vaccinated
against diseases, then the infant will receive antibodies to fight against

Artificial- active:

Artificial active is by taking injections or antigens by the


The immune system has positive and negative effects of the
way it responds:


The immune system works against diseases, there are a lot of
negative responses that happen. When the body doesn’t have enough white blood
cells, not a lot of organisms can be destroyed. This means the elimination is
slowed down and that lets the effects last longer. A metabolism that is slow
can be caused by a sudden change in stress or in diet. This effects the hormone
levels that are released, causing the bodies strength to change which may become
too weak to fight against the disease. An example is if the body doesn’t have/
get enough white blood cells or has a slow metabolism. This causes the symptoms
of a disease to last longer which can make them a lot more harmful. This is due
to the body not being able to fight it quick enough.

The immune system normally fights treatment/ medication. This
is due to it being seen as a forgein body. Even though the immune systems aim
is to defend us against foregin bodies. When it comes down to animals that are
being given treatment, the immune system doesn’t notice the difference between
a body that is harmed and a treatment. This can be dangerous if the immune
system rejects a certain treatment for an infection/disease. This causes the
symptoms to increase worsens and the disease can then take over due to the body
weakening by using its energy to fight that treatment.


The immune system responds/defends the body against disease.
When the immune system is infected the response Is to get rid of the infection.
However, even though it causes negative symptoms e.g vomiting. It is removing
the dangerous pathogens and infection from the body. This reduces the negative
effects of the disease.