Different Type of Aging Essay

The wear and tear theory of aging believes that the effects of aging are caused by damage done to cells and body systems over time.

Once they wear out, they can no longer function correctly. Dr. August Weismann, a German biologist, was the first introduced this theory in 1882. He believed that the body and its cells were damaged by overuse and abuse. The organs, liver, stomach, kidneys, skin and so on are worn down by toxins in our diet and in the environment.The excessive consumption of fat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.

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The ultra violet rays of the sun and by the many other physical and emotional stresses to which we subject our bodies. Wear and tear is not confined to our organs, it also takes place on the cellular level. Of course even if you’ve never touched a cigarette or had a glass of wine, stayed out of the sun and eaten only natural foods, simply using the organs that nature endowed you is going to wear them out.Abuse will only wear them out more quickly. Likewise as the body ages our very cells feel the effect, no matter how healthy our life style. When we are young the body’s own maintenance and repair systems keep compensating for the effects of both normal and excessive wear and tear. That’s why young people can more easily get away with a night of heavy drinking or a binge of pizza or sweets. With age the body loses its ability to repair damage caused by diet, environmental toxins, bacteria or a virus.

Thus many elderly people die of diseases that they could have resisted when they were younger. By the same token nutritional supplements and other treatments covered in this book can help reverse the aging process by stimulating the body’s own ability to repair and maintain its organs and cells. Wear and Tear Theory A theory of biological aging views the body as similar to a machine, like an old car or truck that simply wears out.Somatic Mutation Theory. A biological theory of aging, the genetic damage cause aging of cells and tissues. Cross Linkage Theory A theory of biological aging states that the accumulation of cross linked collagen is responsible for many changes associated with aging, such as the loss of elasticity of the skin hardening of the arteries of the circulatory system and stiffness of joints throughout the body.

Genetic Control Theory A theory of biological aging the views that life span is.Programmed into genes. Free Radical Theory. A theory of biological aging the views that free radicals contribute to the aging process by forming age pigment and by producing cross links. Immune Function Theory A biological theory of aging based on two discoveries. Protective immune reaction decline with age the body becoming less capable of production sufficient quantities and kinds of antibodies. The aging immune system mistakenly produces antibodies against normal body proteins leading to a loss of self recognition, as the immune system becomes less efficient normal aging occurs.