Digital Data: Our Responsibilities Essay

Like in the video our information is shared constantly to “improve’ our user experience. Now, the problem is that not all people work under the same agenda. It is common to see who people that have the ability to access his “shared: information use it for the wrong reasons making technology look like that bad person we all talk about. So when it comes to process information/ data. It is important that we as users have the ability to choose whether we want to share this information/data or not; we should also know what it is going to be used for.

This will ultimately be our greatest freedom when it moms to people creating technology and how they use our information. What power does technology give us? Technology has come to be the greatest power humanity has come across. We are able to connect to each other seamlessly at any given moment time and place at the speed of light. With this power our ancestors probably never even imagined possible that we would have the ability to expand and absorb amounts of information only fantasized about.

Technology has given us this power, to learn faster, to solve problems quicker and to learn about the secrets of the universe itself. Even though there is this side is also equally dominant. Like I had seen in a TED video long time before it seems to be that the source of all evil is power itself. Before, a matter of having power was somewhat rare and was considered to the possessor fortunate. Nowadays knowledge is something anyone no matter where and what can access with such ease that is incredible to think how much information can one individual store for either good or bad.

How does the access to many technologies help or hurt the work of individuals? The help: The access to technologies has rover throughout time to be more than a tool to humanity: we can say it has become part of humanity itself. Technology has only but empowered us and helped our level of intelligence grow with the amount of data we can now absorb compared to investigating through books in the local library. It has also inspired many talents; revolutions, events and people have once again gained their power of freedom, expression and speech throughout the whole world.

The hurt: Although the above stated is in existence, just like anything else that there is in this universe, we can say that there is dark side to the access Of technologies. Not only have we affected with pirating software artists, software developers and hundreds of thousands of companies, but the creators of this technology themselves have found ways to obtain our information for “user experience development’ and in turn the government has used it to spy on us and to have absolute control and surveillance over our daily lives. In your opinion, is it wrong to use work created by others? In no doubt of course it is.

How would anyone feel if his or her intellectual property was compromised? What if something you created was not seen or successful because of your scarce human relations and instead someone was to steal your idea and make it successful; I’d like to think that would be horrible. The greatest example is that of Mr.. Thomas Edison and Nikolas Tests: Thomas Edison steals Nikolas patent of alternate current, ends up up in Americas history textbooks and Nikolas in turn, ends up dead in an apartment poor and forgotten by history until recently. What is the best way to give credit to someone in works other than videos?