Disagreements: Partner Essay

It is normal to have a disagreement in any relationship, many disagreements end in violence. Violence is never a good way to settle a disagreement peacefully. Many people just want to be heard and loved by the other person they are having the disagreement with. Resolving disagreements peacefully could reduce many relationship gaps. There are many ways to resolve a disagreement peacefully, for example, communication, compromising, and apologizing are three of the many ways a disagreement could be solved.To begin with, communication can be an important role in solving a disagreement peacefully. Communication starts with talking through your problems you’re having with your partner, and getting each other’s point of view on the problem. By being attentive to your partner, you will have a more productive discussion about your issues.

When discussing your problems with your partner, make sure he/or she understands where your coming from so both of you are on the same page.Another way a disagreement could be resolved is by compromising with each other. By asking the other person what he/ or she wants whether it be about having children or moving to a different state you want your partner to be in agreement with you. Compromising can make things in your relationship less stressful if you split the chores in your house or discussing more major things in your life like moving. For example moving is a big compromise because you might want to move somewhere your partner doesn’t agree with, so both of you have to compromise to come up with something that both of you agree on.Finally, apologizing to one another is the final step in solving a disagreement peacefully. It is important to apologize to your partner because you never know when your last day might be and you don’t want leave your partner with any unanswered questions.

Apologize for the small things that you could have handled a different way. You want your apology to be heartfelt and sincere it shows the other person that you care about them and their opinion about certain issues.