Discharge Summary Case 1 Essay

Her preoperative hemoglobin was 13. 9 g% and a urinalysis was unremarkable. A vaginal hysterectomy and excision of sebaceous cyst of the right labium was carried out on the day after admission. Patient did well postoperatively and was discharged on the third postoperative day after an afebrile course. Pathologic examination of the removed tissue showed a proliferative endometrium and normal myometrium. There was squamous metaplasia of the cervix.

There was also an epidermal inclusion cyst. The patient’s postoperative hemoglobin was 9. 7 g%.

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Chemistry profile was within normal limits. Patient was passing urine and stool normally. She was given instructions on diet and restrictions on heavy lifting, driving, and intercourse for 6 weeks. Follow up appointment in my office in 4 weeks Discharge medications included Macrobid b. i.

d. and Tylenol p. r. n. pain. (Continued) DISCHARGE DIAGNOSIES: 1. Proliferative endometrium 2.

Squamous metaplasia cervix 3. Epidermal inclusion cyst _________________________ John Sullivan, M. D. JS: ad D: 03/09/2012 T: 03/09/2012 C: Carol Denosky, M. D.