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Discord Username: My Discord name is Selfiez#6457.Preferred Server: I feel like I will prefer the Factions server due to the ability to monitor players easily. I also have had experience moderating factions servers in the past. I too love Faction servers due to the fun Iusually, have on them.How old are you? My age is 14 years old.What timezone are you living in? I am living in EST: Eastern Standard Time.Do you have Discord? Yes, I have discord and can talk with a microphone.Have you had any past punishments on MinedroidPvP? I have not had any penalties on the MinedroidPVP servers. This is also due to the server not being opened.What past experiences have you had? I have worked on several servers in the past. Including but not limited to:Arctic Blitz – Moderator: Kitpvp server. I no longer work on this server due to several reasons. Including but not limited to abusive staff members and owners. Player base dropping, and other purposes. – I learned various screen sharing techniques on this server.World of Dipcio – Admin: Smaller minigame server with a player database of 10 + players. I left this server due to some of the issues that were happening with my family at the time (for more information message me on discord). – I learned how to deal with an unruly player.Dream Raids – Helper: Smaller Factions server player base at the moment 30 – 50 players at a time. I was helper when it just released. The reason why I left the server was the lack of communication between higher up staff. This was a problem because I did not know what I was supposed to do at several times leading to my demotion ( I have learned from my mistakes.) – What I have taken away from being staff on this server was the ability to handle more significant server populations smoothly and efficiently.Privately message me for proof.Why do you want to become a staff member? I would like to be a staff member to help players that are in need of assistance. I would like to be able to help this growing server thrive and work well. I believe this server has excellent potential. I believe in the server very much and want to help out the most I can. Sure, I can do this without being a staff member, but I believe I can help more if I can instantly help other players whether it is in chat or checking if another player is hacking/ breaking the rules in any way. Why should we pick you over other candidates? You should choose me over other candidates due to the experience I have had on other servers. My ability to do tedious tasks without complaining. I know several different hacks that players can use while hacking, such as TP aura, Killaura, Anti KB, Xray, and much more. Also, I have experience in dealing with wider audiences of players. As well, I can learn rules and tricks fast and easy. I love working as a team. And for a community to be a community everyone needs to be linked. I do not hold grudges. I am a friendly person by nature, and I hate it when I have enemies. Thus I try my best make friends with as many people on the server. To do that, you have you learn how to forgive people, and I forgive people for understandable reasons. Even when people hate me, I try to ease the argument and strengthen our relationship. Having no grudges helps a mod make a fair decision and not target certain people. Another valid reason I deserve mod is that I am responsible and also I am very mature when it comes to making actions. I am very calm in situations and can work my way around them or help the person that is dealing a with a certain scenario.Anything else?Past Punishments:I decided to share this to show what I have learned from my mistakes in the past. I have learned from every mistake I have made, and I am open to sharing them.Jailed:I was jailed on a small Factions server due to spamming a staff member for help (I learned that I should wait for someone to help me and not spam them) – 2 years ago.Banned:I was once banned from a server when I just started playing Minecraft. I was banned for “Alting” even though I only had one account and did not even know what that meant. I learned that mistakes are often made even by staff members and all you have to do is submit an appeal.Muted:I silenced on a smaller Kitpvp server for calling a staff member “An abusive person who is so immature” – Of course this helper was the one that muted me. But I have learned that I should respectfully right an appeal on the server forums (This helper was soon after banned).My time schedule:On Schooldays, you can always expect 3 – 6 hours.On Weekends you can expect at least 6 – 10.——————————————————-Thank you for taking the time to read my application. Hope to meet you all soon,Selfiez.