Jargons specific to that community Essay

A discourse community is a group of people who speak and share the same interests in certain topics, knowledge, and vocabulary; they also use similar jargons specific to that community. I belong to several discourse communities ranging from family, friends, and church to my ethnic group, weight watchers, and my classmates. The discourse community that I am going to discuss in this paper is the one that gets me motivated and eager to take part every Tuesday; it is the women’s bible club at my church. Our Bible club consists of twenty-five women and we meet every Tuesday to discuss different areas and topics of the Bible.

We have certain unofficial rules that members of the group respect. These rules include the following: 1. Cell phones are to be turned off while meetings are in session. One is not allowed to answer the phone during meetings. This is to make communication within the group easier. 2. Each member must have the opportunity to speak up if he/she wishes during discussions. During this time, members are expected to be clear and precise in giving their points. 3. We get emails and newsletters every month regarding the Bible club.

Language in the emails and newsletters is expected to be clear. They are also expected to be free of offensive language and vulgarities. 4. Listening is a valuable skill that my group has adopted as one of its unofficial rules. Members are supposed to listen carefully during the Bible reading so that they can be able to provide their inputs during discussion. 5. Interruptions when someone is talking are strongly discouraged. 6. Note taking is also strongly encouraged as well as paying attention and/or showing interest during our discussions. 7.

After Bible readings, questions are usually asked and members are encouraged though not forced to work in teams to solve problems. Therefore, working in groups is an unofficial rule. 8. When members analyze the reading and give out their points during discussions, they are encouraged to be persuasive. Being a member of this Bible Club has helped me improve my communication skills and to learn the Bible in different ways. Members in this group are encouraged to come to every meeting in order to discuss the Bible and to share our beliefs and interests.