Discuss the Different Dimensions of Risk and How These Might Relate to the World of Children and Young People Essay

In this Assignment I will discuss different dimensions of Risk.

I will also try to examine how is these different dimensions of Risk relate in shaping day to day lives of Children and Young People. All of us encounter some sort of risk everyday in our lives whether it is using the internet, driving a car or a career change. All of these tasks or decisions are considered as’ Risks’.

In some Instances we may be more conscious of a Risk that involves to a certain decision or activity. Crucially, our understanding to risk is contingent upon our situation, perception and disposition ‘( Tucker S , Trotman D . 2010. P119) As Risk can be both ‘Positive’ and Negative’ for example ‘ A career change’ , ‘Further Education’ or ‘Getting Married ‘ may seem like more Positive and straight forward Risks or rather considered as opportunities to people than ‘un protected sex’ ‘Alcohol Consumption ‘ or Drug usage’ which has more negative outcomes.Risk can be balance between acquisitive opportunities and potential dangers( Wilkinson , 2001:91) Whenever the intention of Risk is present there are consequences that are a result of our actions and our decisions.

We may be able to categorise Risk on different levels of high or low based on the nature of risks. I will further elaborate this by giving specific examples. Some Risks may be termed as ‘Calculated Risk’ which may be based on our prior experience of similar actions and the estimate of Risk is more calculated For example , Taking a Short cut to avoid traffic jam or Being late for work (Tucker and Trotman. 010.

P122) On the other hand Risk may depend upon factors like our location, lifestyle, homeland, culture and race, for Example lifestyle may have a crucial impact on Risk taking, for instance, making a cup may not even require a second of thought in England and the risk associated with it may be minor compared to those communities where only source of water is’ infested with parasites, or ‘populated with effluence from their local factory’ this can be termed as ‘situated Risk’ ( Tucker and Trotman 2010. P119).But no matter what the nature or level risk is with Risk comes uncertainty there’ s always a notion of probability and the outcome of a risk is never certain or definite the term risk is only applied when there are chances of uncertainty in an activity or a situation. Quoting ( Adam and van Loon , 2002:2) ‘the essence of risk is not that it is happening, but it might be happening’. The modern society today is greatly linked with uncertainty and probability that is carried out within the risk we face in our day to day lives. Risk helps us to evaluate and control the future.Beck argues that taking Risk is no longer an option in fact we no longer take it as something of a contemporary experience or a fear at distance but it has seeped into our everyday lives through our work , environment and relations ( Mythen. 2004.

P29) Beck has further summarised the driving force of Risk Society in the phrase ‘ I am afraid’ (Beck, 1992:49). Having looking at some dimensions of Risk and Risk Society I will now further explore some typology of Risks, the impact of these dimensions of Risks and its relation in the world of Children and Young People and the judgements associated with it.