Discuss the significance of moksha atma Essay

Discuss the significance of 2 topics selected in part (I) for Hindu thought and/ or practice (12) The Atman and Mimosa are two eminently significant features of Hinduism, which are mentioned frequently in both the Baghdad Gait and the Kathy Vanished. The idea of Atman is highly significant for Hinduism as it teaches that everybody must progress from java atman to Para atman, to do this you must be able to control and understand your lower self, and you also cannot be tempted by the senses. This is significant for Hinduism as it outlines the main goal and allows everybody, regardless of their caste, to reach mimosa.

The scholar Shank- Davit Pedant concedes that there are no independent and separate atman living in things; there is only Brahmas supporting the entire universe. This however differs from the scholar Rumania in Visitations who states that the Atman has an independent existence from Brahmas, but that it originates from Brahmas. The essential understanding is that Atman is a small part of Brahmas that is detached and appears to be separate, but once mimosa occurs the atman returns to and is merged with Brahmas.Rumania also asserts that the java atman is the knower, rather than the Brahmas because it possesses consciousness and that enables java atman to be aware of itself and the world. This is slightly similar to the teachings of Madhya – Davit Pedant, who works on the assumption that two things exist, one being Atman and the other is Brahmas sauna (with qualities. ) These are understood as being separate and distinct room one another but made of the same matter.

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For Madhya, each java atman is an image of shaver.These two scholars show that the Atman is highly prominent and significant for Hindu thoughts and practice. The significance of Mimosa for Hinduism is that everybody can reach Mimosa. This is shown in the Baghdad Gait as it offers many different paths to Mimosa, such as backbit and karma yoga.

Before this the way to reach mimosa would be by the Ashrams system where in the final stage you would have to renounce all series, fears and hopes, you would have no home, no other attachment and be known as a gainsays.At this point it was expected that you would be virtually merged with God and your sole concern to be attaining mimosa. However according to the Baghdad Gait it is not necessary to do all the above but instead to detach yourself from all desires and temptations whilst staying a part of the material world as it is harder to live in a world of temptation than to renounce from it.