disorder; moreover, they can have an extremely

disorder; moreover, 83% of them are classified with severe symptoms “. Manic depressive
disorder, also known as bipolar disorder, is a mental disorder that
characterized by extreme swings in mood, energy, and activity levels, which
usually hinders the person’s ability to deal with different life situations.
Bipolar disorder is also characterized by both manic and depressive episode or
one of them. Men and women usually experience the same symptoms, with a few
differences. For instance, men usually acquire the maniac depressive disorder
at an early age; moreover, their first episode is often mania. Whereas women
tend to develop bipolar disorder at a later age; moreover, their first episodes
varies between mania and depressive. Bipolar disorder is usually discovered in
the late 20s, and it is rarely discovered during childhood nor adolescence.


Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

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            People who suffer from bipolar disorder go through
dramatic emotional changes which are very distinct from a normal mood shift.
Bipolar disorder diagnosis are not as simple as diagnosing depression or
anxiety. Although bipolar disorder shows some distinct symptoms, unfortunately
there’s no single test to confirm the condition. In addition, bipolar disorder
will not be discovered until the patient complains from a symptom that has no
physical cause then the physician would recommend a mental health care.


Disorder Symptoms

There are different
symptoms to bipolar disorder. These symptoms are extremely dramatic and unpredictable.
Moreover, sometimes it ranges from moderate to extreme Bipolar disorder has two
primary symptoms maniac and depressive


 Mania Phase Symptoms


disorder symptoms are almost the same in middle aged men and women, with some
little differences. Middle aged men tend to have
more severe symptoms and are more likely to experience the manic episodes more
than middle aged women. During mania phase, middle aged men tend to have an extremely
elevated mood; moreover, they can have an extremely irritable mood. In
addition, they experience an Increased physical and mental activity, which
leads them to engage in fights and violent behaviors. Moreover, in this phase
men tend to take more risk unlike women. For example, men tend to engage in
impulsive dangerous activities such as car racing.




Depressive Phase Symptoms


Differently from the maniac phase the number of middle aged
men who experience the depressive phase are less than the number of middle aged
women. Contrary to the common belief that bipolar disorder is the same as
regular depression. Bipolar depression is significantly distinict from regular
depression especially when it comes to the prescribed medications. Men with
bipolar disorder and other types of mental illness are less susceptible to seek
medical help, which is the reason why many bipolar middle-aged men tend to turn
to drugs and alcohol as a way to ease their symptoms and to cope with their




bipolar disorder cannot be cured; however, the severity of the symptoms can be
controlled and managed. The control of the symptoms is preformed through a
combination of treatments such as self-treatments, social support groups,
psychotherapy, electro convulsive therapy, and medications. Due to men’s personalities
some treatments can be very effective, and others would not be as effective.
For example, some middle-aged men tend to show significant sings of
improvements in self-treatments than social support groups.





is one of the most effective ways to manage bipolar disorder symptoms in middle
aged men and women. When it comes to
managing and controlling the symptoms of bipolar disorder, it is essential to
the middle-aged patient to develop coping methods for daily use, in addition to
seeking professional help. There are a variety of strategies that patients can
do in order to control their symptoms such as sleeping, setting a schedule, and
limiting the exposure to stressors. Sleeping have proven its efficiency with
reducing the symptoms by reducing the stress. Just like sleeping, setting a
schedule and reducing the exposure to stressor have proven their effectiveness
in managing depressive and maniac symptoms.



Social Support Groups


            Social support groups is a very
popular type of treatments across the US. Social support group is
a complementary treatment to self-treatment which provides middle aged men who
are living with bipolar disorder a place to discuss their feeling and provide
them with the right coping skills. In addition, it provides them with a place
where no one would judge them. Moreover, nowadays in the US there is more
access to social support groups than before. Social support groups can be found
online, in hospitals, and in some special institutions.





is an essential part of bipolar disorder treatments. Its effectiveness comes
from the fact that the middle-aged man can discuss his feelings to a
professional. During the session the patient is allowed to express his thoughts
and how he view the world around him freely and without judgments. There are a
variety of psychotherapies; however, those that are used to treat bipolar
disorder are behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy. These two have proven
their efficiency in middle aged men across the United States. Behavioral
therapy focuses on behavior that would reduce stress such as yoga, exercise,
and religious activities. While the cognitive therapy focus on teaching the
middle-aged men how to change their pattern of thinking.



Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT)


ECT is
considered as a last resort treatment. When the patient does not respond to the
previous treatments nor medication, it would be the only treatment that would help.
ECT is a procedure on which an electrical current is passed to the brain to
create a seizure. ECT is not as safe as the previous treatments, so it is
rarely used nowadays in the US.





Medications are considered as the cornerstone
in treating middle aged men because it can put the severe manic and depressive
symptoms under control and prevent relapse. Medication become even more effective and efficient when
they are used in combination with the other bipolar disorder treatments.
Bipolar disorder medication are antipsychotics, which as their name implies are
used to control and manage psychotic symptoms including maniac and depressive.
Antipsychotics Olanzapine (Zyprexa) and Quetiapine (Seroquel) are
commonly used to treat bipolar disorder across the US. Both of these medication
work to block the dopamine receptor and the serotonin receptor, which would
block the primary pathway of psychotic symptoms.


Medications side effect


Unfortunately, all medications have side
effects; however, many people will not feel them. The common side effects
includes Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Moreover, if the patient stopped taking
his medication without his doctor’s permissions he could suffer from




Alternative Medicine


According to
the CNN alternative medicine is the new trend in the US nowadays; moreover,
they claim that about a third of Americans started to seek help outside of the
doctor’s office. Alternative medicine is well known for its safety due to its
organic sources. According to Philip Muskin, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University
Medical Center in New York City “Bipolar is a serious chronic disorder,” also says
“If your doctor prescribed you antidepressant, you should take it. These other
types of therapies are considered as complementary rather than alternative.”.
The non-pharmacological treatments that have proven their benefits for both
type of symptoms in middle aged men are light therapy, traditional Chinese
medicine, and interpersonal and social rhythm therapy. Light therapy teaches bipolar
disorder patients how to manage and rest their clock since their daily
biological clock is not efficient. Traditional Chinese therapy on the other
hand is based on specific herbal combinations with some changes in diet and
daily habits. In addition, interpersonal and social rhythm therapy teaches
bipolar patients how to maintain a regular routine including sleeping, walking,
and eating.




            All in all, According to
NAMI about 2.6% of
the American  population are diagnosed with bipolar disorder
and  83% of those people are classified with severe symptoms .Bipolar
disorder, also known as manic depressive disorder,
is a mental disorder in which the person experiences sever mood and energy
shifts, which would hinder the person’s ability to live a normal live. Bipolar
disorder is not easy to diagnosis, and it would take time until that person be
sent to mental health care. Moreover, bipolar disorder has two main phases
maniac and depressive. In middle aged men, the first phase is almost always maniac
phase; however, in women the first phase is usually the depressive phase. Unfortunately,
bipolar disorder cannot be cured, yet can be managed through a combination of treatments
such as self-treatment, social support groups, psychotherapy, ECT, medications.
Due to the side effects to some of these treatments, the majority of the American
population are moving toward the alternative medicine. However according to Dr.
Philip Muskin the patients should not leave their medications, and they should
not relay completely on the alternative medicine; however, they should view the
alternative medicine as a complementary treatment to their medications.