Distracted Driving Essay

Kyle Koepp Professor Heck Eng 101-I020 4/11/13 Distracted Driving With one false move behind the wheel of a vehicle, someone’s life can change drastically.

Many families are constantly reminded of what a distracted driver has done to make their life change in a matter of seconds. Driving is no easy task and it is especially difficult when a driver is distracted. Drunk driving continues to be a common theme for casualties behind the wheel. It is a continuous struggle to stop these acts of danger to all that travel on the roads shared by drunk drivers. An up and coming way to be distracted is texting and driving.Texting is the new hip thing to do, and many don’t realize the harm that it can pose on all those on the road. Seventy-seven percent of young drivers feel confident that they can text and drive.

Choosing to be distracted behind the wheel by drunk driving or texting while driving is against the law; distracted driving affects not only the person driving, but their families and society. Driving distracted can harm the driver in more ways than one. Physical injuries hurt and take time to heal; but the emotional hurt and regret a driver can develop from stopping another’s life will last forever.Everyone has seen the headlines and been warned that drinking and driving is harmful and unsafe.

Most high schools preach to their students that driving drunk is the wrong thing to do, especially around the time of prom. No one wants to see another person die from getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking. Fatalities from drunk driving continue to happen. The choices made while drunk are usually very impulsive and idiotic. Intoxicated drivers that crash into sober drivers are usually the only ones that live in bad accidents.

This is because the drunk drivers are out of it and are looser so they don’t tense up before impact.Also, a sober driver would hit the brakes before a crash, making the bumper shift downward while the drunk driver won’t even see it coming. Upon figuring out what really happened last night while these people were boozing, they wake to figure out that they are in jail for murdering helpless people. The pain will only get worse the more they sober up. Texting while driving can inflict the same kind of pain and hurt as drunk driving.

Recently there have been more headlines and warnings for texting and driving because of the increasing death rate.Drivers are most likely sober while they text and drive, so they will tense up before a crash and slam on the brakes. Unlike many drunk drivers, texting drivers are lucky if they just have physical injuries because most will end up dead. It is amazing how many citizens have texted while driving while knowing that waiting a couple minutes to send the unimportant message could save their life and others lives. It could save their mind from beating themselves up over and over again after snatching away someone’s life. The pain and suffering is comparable for drunk drivers and texting drivers after a car crash.The difference is that the drunk driver can usually walk away from the crash unharmed, while the person texting may very well be in need of some hospitalization. After causing a fatality, both drivers may need physiological help if they live, and will be haunted for the rest of their lives.

The drunk driver may be able to drink the pain away, but the texting driver certainly cannot text the pain away. If that is the case for the drunk driver, it may just turn into a vicious cycle of drinking and driving, death, and regret.A family can pay for the damages done in a distracted driving accident, but all that will be left is memories of the loved one that was lost. So many families have their hearts torn apart for their loved ones and for others that were killed in a distracted driving car crash. Along with dealing with the deaths that were a result of the drunk driving, families have to deal with the dissatisfaction from others. Every person in a family represents the whole family; so a drunk driver that kills another family is going to put a negative perspective into the eye of the public.

The public will downgrade the family because of what one of the members of the family did. Many parents preach just like the schools do to their children, to be safe and not drink and drive under any circumstances. This won’t stop all children, because most kids are defiant and do the opposite of what their parents tell them. Parents that keep a keen eye on their children usually won’t have to worry about their kids drinking and driving until they are twenty-one, but texting is a different story. All a child needs to text while driving is a phone and a license.There isn’t a child I know that doesn’t have a phone at the age of sixteen. Also, when a kid starts to drive places parents want to know where they are and want them to be able to check in with them, or in case of an emergency, call for help.

The problem is that this is giving the child the power to take the lives of anyone on the road with them, including themselves. Parents don’t usually preach to their children that texting is wrong while driving. The kids grow up seeing that it is okay because they sit in the backseat watching their loved ones texting while driving.Parents can end up killing their own children if they are texting and driving while their kids are in the backseat.

Texting shouldn’t ever happen while driving because you can harm your family or another family. It is harder to determine that a driver had been texting than to figure out if they had been drinking. A phone can be crushed in an accident or not looked at, while breathalyzers and autopsies accurately determine if the driver was drunk. That means that there won’t be as big of a negative perspective on the texting driver as the drunk driver would have.There will however be the same amount of pain for parents who lost their daughter or son to either drinking and driving and texting while driving. Siblings will be heartbroken if they lose their brother or sister, and kids will be devastated if they lose their parents.

Society plays a large role in both enabling distracted driving and putting a stop to it. Commercials play a big role in showing what distracted driving can do to a person, and especially what it can do to a family. There are campaigns and commercials advocating against getting into a vehicle after drinking, which sure do help save lives.Society plays a bigger role in showing that drinking is fun and you aren’t cool if you don’t participate. This is even more evident for teenagers who fall to peer pressure easier than a child learning to walk. If the teen will fall prisoner to peer pressure for drinking it is likely that they will jump into a car either driving themselves or with another drunk driver. Texting commercials and ads have recently sprung up to show what texting and driving can do to someone or more importantly their family.

Commercials and ads against distracted driving are evident for both drunk driving and texting while driving. Society also plays a big role in showing that texting is easy and fun. New cars and phones are coming out that have a hands free system for texting. This is still distracting to the driver and can most definitely cause harm to those using the system.

Companies want what is best for themselves so they will do whatever they can to please a driver even if there is possible danger for the customer.Society’s only difference between drunk driving and texting while driving is that society tries to incorporate texting into everyday driving experiences while trying to avoid drinking while driving at any cost. Alcohol and texting are used every day in life and can be safe and morally correct. But when combining these two activities with driving, along with being against the law, can have very devastating life threatening side effects. These side effects can take money, emotions, and cars, and tear them apart.

Texting while driving makes it twenty-three times more likely for the driver to crash while drunk driving is the cause of at least thirty percent of crashes every year since 1982. Carelessness is the cause of so many accidents involving drinking and or texting. It is inconsiderable and disrespectful to everyone on and off the road to text or drink while driving. These acts should not be done under any circumstances. Driving while texting or while drinking will always negatively affect the driver, their families, or the society that is surrounding them.