Diversity Case Study Essay

1. In this scenario those that are affected are the Muslim employees that are under the management of Hindus. Not only are the Muslim employees are affected but so is Javier because he cannot work without seeing the glass ceiling when it came to promotions and seeing how they are blaming the Muslims for drop of earnings. 2. The likely consequence if Javier doesn’t say anything is probably that the Hindu management will probably attempt to fire the Muslim employees in order to cover their hide. They would probably replace these Muslim employees with Hindu employers. . Maybe there might be rights but then again it is an Indian Software company in India and they might not treat these situations the same in other countries. If Javier speaks up and says something then his job could be at stake. 4. The principles that are involved are prejudice, racism and maybe religious aspects that may be involved. Based on their ethnicity the Muslims are not provided with the ability to be promoted. 5. The implications on behalf of Javier are that he will probably say something on behalf of what he has seen so far.

They haven’t treated him wrongly because of his ethnicity but he has built close friendship with his Muslim friend al-Arabi. To Act or Not to Act? 1. In reality no one is really affected if the upper level managers of color are not offended or concerned by the location. If they do become offended then the ones who would be affected would be them. 2. The likely consequences is possibly talking with the CEO and changing the location of the retreat just to avoid offending anyone.

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3. Only of they are offended do they have a right to protest and ask to have the location removed especially if they acknowledge the importance of the place as a cotton plantation owned by a slave owner. Then again they shouldn’t be offended because slavery has been done with for a number of years now. 4. One of the principles to take into account is the principle of human dignity. John Davis is being fair with considering every employee who is going to this retreat to make everyone comfortable and not send a wrong message to its management core. . I think that John Davis is really a good man and he did talk with the upper level managers to see if this retreat would offend them. If it would offend them then he would talk with the CEO and have the location changed. If they were not offended and it was ok with them then I assume that they stayed in the same location. The Restaurant Business 1. John Hanson and his business is the one affected because Tom Barbour had the nerve to keep such an issue as a secret.

2. The likely consequences is that Hanson will fire Barbour for lying by hiding the fact that he had Aids and because he could have infected many customers and employees because of his sickness. It would have ruined the business of Hanson if someone did contract the Aids infection. 3. The only duties at stake are the reputation of the restaurant once he has to explain to his employees and customers on why he had to fire Barbour. If Barbour has any right it’s the right to be able to work in the occupation that he loves.

4. The principles that are involved is the fact that you will be ending the career of someone who has helped you build your restaurants reputation. Another principle in play is the health of your customers and your employers because the chefs are constantly cutting and nicking themselves with sharp knives. 5. The implications is that Hanson is a good manager and that he wants to let Barbour have his job but he also doesn’t want to risk having one of his employers or customers contract the disease. I believe that he will confront Barbour and maybe help him in some other way without him being the head chef anymore.

Hiring Choices 1. The one that is affected is the Widgetwise Company because if they don’t hire Jack Taylor they could get into serious issues just because he was qualified but they rejected him for his disabilities. Maybe management wouldn’t want to spend all of the necessary expenses to make it “blind friendly” and the workers would be affected as well. 2. The likely consequences is that they will hire Jack Taylor so that they can stay true to their policies that they don’t discriminate against those with disabilities and he’s proven that he can do the work. . Jack Taylor has the rights to be hired even though he has these disabilities because he is more than qualified. The duties that are at stake is the fact that they have to possibly update the structure or the building to make it blind friendly and that will take costs. Another thing that will be affected is the way the other employees might feel about Taylor’s special attention but it should be resolved with proper explanation. 4. The principle of being fair applies here because Jack Taylor is more qualified than Rita who was competent but also wasn’t blind.

Another principle is that of making things better on behalf of the new worker. If they hired Rita then they wouldn’t have to make many changes because she doesn’t have disabilities. 5. The implications are that if the company wasn’t willing to make changes on behalf of Jack then why narrow it down to him and someone else? I figured that they would have not allowed him to get that far. I believe that they did hire Jack Taylor regardless of what the other employees might be because they want to do what is best for the company even if that means hiring someone with disabilities.

DWB 1. In this scenario Gilbert is affected because he is constantly being pulled over for racial reasons by the police. This is affecting his ability to get to work on time but also the fact of knowing that they are discriminating against him. 2. The likely consequences is that she now knows that he will be coming in late because he is constantly being pulled over or Gilbert might have to move to a place that is much closer to his job. Maybe his employer might pay to have him move closer to the company because Gilbert has been with the company from the very beginning.

3. The rights that were affected were that of race when it comes to Gilbert because he was being pulled over every single time because he drove a good vehicle. The cops could not think that a black man could own a Mercedes. Also the rights of the main manager were wronged because Gilbert is reluctant from waking up earlier and doing his routine which would cost him to arrive to work early. 4. The principle of making things better is in play in this scenario because Judy Wilson has to do something that allows Gilbert a free pass from the police department as he is making his way to work.

Another is the principle of compassion because she must realize that she has never dealt with things like this before and to allow Gilbert to maybe arrive a few minutes later as long as he stayed the same amount after its time for him to leave. 5. The implications are that Judy will either give Gilbert a little slack because of the situation that he’s constantly running into. Judy also I imagine is concerned that Gilbert would also attempt to the best of his ability to put his job before his news paper reading. Bipolar Disorder in the Workplace . In this situation Generationxtech is affected because they have no idea that Dodson has bipolar disorder and they have been lied to because Dodson believed it would be best. If something would have occurred during the work hours than the company would be confused and wouldn’t like the fact that they have been lied to. 2. The consequences is that he won’t get fired but maybe management may be a little hesitant with allowing Dodson to take on big projects because of his health issues and he won’t like that one bit.

The only option that will leave him is to either quit but he won’t because he won’t find a place that will pay him at the same rate according to his age. 3. The duties at stake are finding out whether Dodson will be able to complete the work that is given to him already. The company is possibly at stake for getting in trouble for not having the knowledge that Dodson was Bi polar. Dodson is also at stake because he could be fired for maybe lying to the company and putting them at risk.

4. The principle of making things better is appropriate here because Dodson will actually be honest with his employers by letting them know that he doesn’t have problems with his heart but that he actually has Bi-polar issues. Another principle is that of compassion on behalf of the company of understanding why he hid this information. 5. The implications are that Dodson told the truth to his employers and that they understood his situation and that by no means they withheld any work from him. Another implication is that they didn’t fire him and they had compassion on his disability.

The Screen Saver 1. Obviously the ones affected are the Jews because it’s against their religious practices but also the Christian is affected because he will be asked to remove it. 2. The consequences will probably be that either Harrison will ask the born-again Christian to remove his screen saver because it’s offensive to his neighbors or he will have to start providing cubicles that will offer more privacy. He may speak with the Christian in a respectful way to express his beliefs through his actions and not by his screen saver.

3. The rights that are affected are that of the Christian because his religious beliefs are being attacked and he is in the same position that the Jews are in. Just because the Jews don’t believe in the screen saver isn’t his problem. The duties that are affected are that of Harrison because now he will be forced to make a decision to settle this dispute between the accountants either by providing privacy or having peace terms. 4. The principle that is at play in this scenario is that of respecting others. The accounting Jews are offended by the Christians screen saver.

Another principle that is displayed is of that of not doing harm to either party by fixing the issue by providing more privacy for each of the workers. 5. The implications are that Ed Harris realized the need for privacy so that issues over religious beliefs will not become a major problem. Obviously it is very important that workers get a long and that disputes may be avoided. For the moment Harris will ask that the screen saver be taken off temporarily while they work on improving privacy. Hiring Practices 1. The person affected in this scenario is Loo because his main responsibility is getting the right person to do the job and not someone who is not qualified to do even if it’s what the boss wants. 2. The consequences will be that Loo will probably obey his boss even though he doesn’t believe that the Chinese man is qualified for the job. Loo did his job in showing his manager that the Malaysian candidates were well qualified for the job but that it was out of his control. 3. The duties that are at stake is that of fulfilling the job with the most qualified candidate but that is being stopped by the arrogance of his manager.

This violates Loo’s ability to fulfill his job and to help the company by providing the right employer. 4. The principle of being fair is seen in this scenario because Loo wants to be fair and give the job to the most qualified but the boss wants to be unfair and wanting more diversity. Instead of using the principle of making things better Loo’s manager gets aggravated with him because he did not follow his orders. Loo has done his job correctly but his manager has not had compassion on Loo. 5. The implications show that Loo has done his job by looking for the best qualified and they ended up being Malaysian which was contrary to the orders.

He went and did his job and presented it to management and still management disagreed with his voiced opinion. I believe that Loo hired the Chinese candidate because he was left with no choice but to honor the request of his employer. The Friday Blowout 1. Obviously the person affected is Angela Lopez because she is obviously being judged based on her ethnicity and the other guy is not. 2. The consequences for Angela is that she will have to either voice her opinion to management about the fact that she doesn’t enjoy that they are singling her out because she is a Latina.

Besides the other guy was being more ferocious in the disagreement than her. 3. Angela’s rights are violated as a Latina but also as a woman because they blamed her for causing such uproar during the meeting when the other man was louder. She hinted that they were stereotyping her because of her race. 4. The principle of respecting others was being violated in this scenario because they are not respecting Angela as a person. They also violate the principle of making things better because they didn’t deal with Steven Howell equally in punishment or rebuke.

In just in that simple response they were not fair with both candidates by asking them both to tone down the arguments in the meeting. 5. The implications are that Angela despite being calm probably voiced her opinion out to management about this concern. I can also imagined that Angela also toned her voice down a little bit more during the meeting s to show management that she wants to provide a comfortable atmosphere during their conferences. Tasty Cola 1. The person affected is Gerry Nelson because he doesn’t believe in this strategy with mixing ethnicity groups.

Marketing towards specific ethnicity groups could cause wrongful stereotyping and it could offend one or many different ethnic groups. 2. The consequences are the fact that Gerry Nelson will have to speak up and voice his opinion that the company is treading on dangerous grounds. In some part the statistics tell the truth but they should be careful about not offending an ethnic group with their advertisements. 3. The duties that Nelson has are to voice his opinion to the head of the marketing department and also with management. Showing them that there is an appropriate way of advertising or drawing in new customers without offending others. . The principles involved are that of doing no harm to the ethnic groups, respecting others by not offending the Hispanic and African American customers that they already have. The principles are important and they should reevaluate the direction that they are heading into. 5. The implications are that Nelson will speak on his issue with this style of marketing and if they do choose to still go in this route that they make sure that no one is offended. Their main goal is to draw in new customers from different ethnic groups without offending the ethnic groups that are already loyal to them.