DNA Essay

After staying on the plant Earth reaching the human genetic technology, I have come up with this report the four things I am going to talk about in this report are:

1) What is the chemical basis of the plant Earth

2) What do human mean by “genetic technology” and how is it possible

3) How have human used this technology

4) Are humans concerned about this technology

1)The chemical basis of the plant earth is deoxyribonucleic acid (generally shortened to DNA), it has the shape of a long twisted ladder each rung of this ladder is made up of a pair of chemical bases, the information that human body eed to make proteins is coded and contained in the order of these bases along the length of the DNA ladder.

All DNA molecules consist of a linked series of units called nucleotides. Each DNA nucleotide is composed of three subunits: a special sugar called deoxyribose, a phosphate group that is joined to one end of the sugar molecule, and one of several different nitrogenous bases linked to the opposite end of the deoxyribose.

DNA has two specific functions: to provide foe protein synthesis, and hence the growth and development of the organism and to urnish all descendants with protein-synthesis and hence the growth and development of the organism. So all living things on plant Earth contains the genetic material DNA and the structure of a DNA molecule or combination of DNA molecules determines the shape, form, and function of the offspring.

2)The term “genetic technology”(or genetic engineering) is the modification of the genetic properties of an organism by the use of recombinant DNA technology. By using this technology it is possible to alert characteristics of living organisms in specific ways. The chemical languages of DNA in all living thing re the same so it is possible to take one gene from one living thing and transfer into another living thing.

To give an animal permanent genetic change the new gene must be inserted into the single cell embryo from which all the cell s will develop in the adult animal s body. It is much difficult to introduce DNA into plant cells. So humans take one microbe that infects the plant normally and puts it in a virus or bacterium and make the it carries the DNA into the plant cell.

3)Humans has already used genetic technology and here are the three examples of the living thing’s human have used enetic technology on. First example is the environmentally friendly cotton (cotton is any of various shrubby plants grown for the soft, white, downy fibers surrounding oil-rich seeds’ humans use the fibers to make cloth). On the cotton there is a kind of pest called cotton bollworm, it ate the fiber to live.

Each year humans have to spend a lot of money on pesticides to kill those worms. Now with genetic technology humans are trying to make bollworm resistant cotton. Humans have found a bacterium that kills the bollworm, they are going to put this new gene into the cotton so it ill produce a protein that kills the bollworm, but the protein is harmless to all the other living things. The second example I have got is disease free potatoes. Potatoes always get infected by the leaf roll virus, with the new genetic technology humans are able to put a gene that normally produces the outer protein coat of the virus.

It helps the potato to resist the leaf roll virus and tastes the same. The last example I have got is use genetic technology on animal health. Ticks and lice are the insects that suck animals fat the animals that have tick or lice will go skinny and die. Now with the help of genetic technology humans are able to transfer a plant gene into the animal’s body so the animal will produce a natural insecticide in their sweat glands, then whenever tick or lice suck its blood they will die. Although “genetic technology” brings a lot of convenience to human society but it brings up a lot of concerns too. The kinds of questions like are we playing god and are we interfering with nature are being risen.

Many humans are worry about that genetic technology will change species on plant Earth to make them angerous or threat they life and it does have the potential to produce dangerous organisms. That is all the research I have done on plant Earth. From all the information I have just presented you can see that human genetics is a very complicated thing and it is completely different from ours, but humans are very intelligent species they have already learned and discovered some basic of their gene and can perform some simple genetic changes to animals and plants. I think with in the next 5 centuries they will discover all about their genes and improve their spices to a new generation.