Do Celebrities Get Overpayed? Essay

Write an argument defending exorbitant salaries or fees paid to athletes and movie stars. Develop a logical argument with clearly drawn reason- or write your response as a satire. Big houses. Fancy cars. All the attention in the world. These are things that everyone has wished for at one point in their life. The number one way we all know how to get to these things is by being famous. Most people think all famous people had to do was get discovered, became famous, then the money started pouring in.

As a result of this, individuals argue that movie stars and athletes get paid so much for just having their face on something, acting a silly role in a movie, or playing a dumb sport. What we don’t realize that all they are doing is their job which takes a lot of time and work. Movie stars and professional athletes enhance our American culture with their talent and work. In history, many different time periods can be marked by what was going on in terms of music, movies and sports.

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Culture is important because it shows human development. Without things to watch on TV or sports programs, Americans would have no source of entertainment. Movie starts have a very large appeal and as a result their audience is from here to infinity. They are recognized all around the world. This causes them to be very influential people. Most individuals who fall in this category give back in some way. If they were to have a campaign, they would bring in twice money then I would being that they are well-known.

Money they earn with their talents are given back also to charities and other useful things. Entertainers in both movies and sports also have a huge responsibility by having many young people looking up to them. This requires them to keep a good image all the time. Once they make a mistake, it affects their whole career. Movie starts and professional athletes work very are mistaken for people who don’t work hard. Although it make look that way, this is not true. They often times have to leave their families and homes to make movies, go on tours, etc.

This can be as often as a different place for every scene. As well as entertain people, they are still working. When movie stars get roles for movies, it requires more than just acting. They may have to research the person they are trying to play if they’re real, and learn lines as well as show emotion. Also, there are physical changes that they have to abide by. This may include gaining or losing weight, growing or shaving hair, and more. Not to mention weird hours, ton of makeup, and endless hours under all types of lights.

Athletes have to go through a similar experience. They go through endless hours of practice and training. This takes place all day, every day. Athletes are constantly traveling, and this takes both physical and emotional tolls on the body. They put then bodies at risk. They do all sorts of endorsements and sign autographs on and off television. Their whole entire life is their job. While they put their bodies on the line, their careers are usually so short while their injuries last a lifetime.

After getting paid from endorsements, commercials, sportswear, clothing lines, tickets, and more, who else but them deserves that money? Even after all the people that helped get paid, they still take a large amount if home because they did most of the work. If they work hard, how can it be said that they are overpaid? They take more sacrifices in their short career than most people ever take in a lifetime. Few occupations demand as much as these ones do. Just because other hardworking people are underpaid doesn’t mean famous people are overpaid.