Do We Have The Freedom To Make Our Choice Essay

Do we have the freedom to make decisions? Imagine when you were going out to eat and decided to order some salad. Ho wever, the server there tells you, ordering the salad wasn’t an option, forcing you to order the s oup instead. How would you feel about the idea of being told what not to do. Throughout many people’s lives, they have met a challenging problem that would require some decisionmaking. Each person h as their own thoughts and opinions about the idea Of having the courage to make their own decision or et someone else affect their lifestyle.Making decisions can not only be located in minor problems su ch as having a discussion with your friends or in other tough situations such as economic or political de cs.

ons. On one hand of the argument, one group of people agree that our mind isn’t as free as we think it is. people everyday could be pressured from simple ideas such as newspap ers. Newspapers are usually basically what it stands for. Newspapers deliver news to other people who weren’t there to see it for themselves or to know what events had recently occurred.

These newsp apers also often shows the rticle writer’s opinion on the subject at hand.These could include criticism or personal ideas only. When these news reach out to the people, it is their choice to believe whether or not to side with the news writer’s idea. In addition, they also might think that we can make our de cisions freely, but ironically, believe that our decisions are often the reflection of the opinions fr om others, the situation we are in, and the social status we have. For example, if you decide to make a decision that you knew was wrong but instead, you thought of it as an opportunity to get away with s mething. Therefore, we are limited in the choices that we make.

The people around us can limit the choices we have. For example, the people that are close to us, such as older family members or friends, can influence how we will grow u p and how we act in the near future. Parents can limit our education options by pressuring us to study the subjects they want and friends can affect our through peer pressure for ideas like drugs, sexual activi ty, or maybe something that is very abhorrent.

Moreover, if we insist on not following their expectatio ns and being abortive, hen we will most often be discriminated against and isolated by them.Theref ore, parents and friends are among the few influences that will affect our choices. Other major situations can also affect our decisions. For instance, our own m odern society today can also play a role in limiting our choices. Even though we are safe to e xpress our own opinions or thoughts freely and petition the government, as stated in the First Amend ment, people on other continents are forbidden to do so. Those countries are usually controlled by c orrupt governments that eavily forbid the freedom Of speech. usually, our decisions are not entirely 0 ur own.These negative people didn’t think we have choices in life, but also the idea that our choices t end to harm our mental being, in case they take them as considering their own benefit.

If we have ma de a bad choice and go back in the past to check the decisions we made for ourselves, we will be able to realize that some of the choices were made to appease somebody or some were for “temporary/’ r ewards and some to look “good” in someone’s eyes. Another example is the decision for the president t pass a bill, thus making it a law.The president could sign it, but he himself would have to decide whet her or not to give his consent to pass and enforce the law. If the law is unconstitutional, then he wo uldnt sign it. Therefore, his own decision could affect the way society lived or how strict the people m ust live.

Society could benefit or fall under his choice. Another example is of political matters.