Throughout souls. One of these is the

Throughout the novel Clym’s circumstances change and so his character changes to. And this bad hand that Clym has been dealt by fate all starts with Eustacia.  ‘He, means, sir, that the lonesome dark-eyed creature up there that some say is a witch.’

This is a description of Eustacia by the rustic chorus. And this description gives us an insight into what the others think of Eustacia. And she is seen as a outsider who never makes the effort to try to fit in. And it is her character that adds to Clym’s misfortune. As soon as Eustacia hears of Clym she decides that he is the man for her and she decides that she want him and that she is going to get him and she almost becomes fixated with him. But the contrasts between them are not small things that are insignificant they are aspects of their characters that carve their souls. One of these is the heath that is Clym’s love and Eustacia’s one true hatred.

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‘I wish I hated the heath less – or love you more’ This hatred is one of the aspects that separates them. But this is not the only thing that almost builds a wall between them. One of the other main aspects that separates them is were they both see themselves going in their marriage. As Clym would like to stay on the heath with is mother.

‘To my mind it is the most exhilarating, and strengthening, and soothing. I would rather live on these hills than anywhere else in the world.’ He would also like to try and better himself and the others on the heath by opining a school on the heath. But what he sees as a good idea is that if he opens a school on the heath so that all the ‘heath folk’ can get an education and better themselves and he can as well as a teacher. But what he does not realize is that the ‘heath folk’ are happy with the life they lead. And it is Clym’s ‘ill fortune’ that he does not see this.