Do You Support or Oppose Gender Equality in the Workplace Essay

Are women’s rights equal to men’s in terms of work and salary? The mindset of inequality between men and women existed long time ago and, most importantly, although a huge number of countries set the labor law that both men and women have equal rights to work, this concept still remains controversial. Apparently, some people opposed that gender should not be equal on the grounds that in the past women had low education, was naturally weak and never succeeded in achieving anything.

Nonetheless, recently most of people believe that they should be equal since many inspiring women have brought about changes to their societies or countries such as leading countries or working as parliamentary members or judges. Therefore, from my points of view, I convincingly believe that, based on the following reasons, there will be a long-lasting existence of gender equality. In the previous time, women were supposed to do only housework and not allowed to work outside their houses.

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Yet this abstract principle is no long alive since women can have their own businesses or jobs that they long for. Particularly, according to Cambodian constitution in 1993, citizens of Cambodia of either sex shall have the right to choose any employment appropriate to their ability […]. This literally means they can possibly select the jobs to which their desires and abilities are applied. No single job is restricted to only one side of sex.

However, one question raised says that “Why is there few women who are the leaders such as presidents or prime ministers in many countries? ” This is because in those particular countries women are not capable of leading their countries, which means that their competences could not earn trusts and belief from most of their citizens. Secondly, different amounts of wage generally go to different duties but if two employees with different sex hold the same position, will they equally obtain the amount of money?

In accordance with Cambodian constitution, for example, citizens of Cambodia of either sex have the right to receive equal pay for equal work. Like men workers, women workers are given the same amount of salary for the same job in a particular workplace due to the facts that jobs they are taking require skills and experiences which both men and women can devote. Thus, what they get from their effort is the equal payment. To sum up, there are two essential motives to advocate equality of gender in workplace.

Personally, I strongly hope that women should be given more value in the places where they are working because they can do whatever men can do and sometimes make outcomes even more beneficial.


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