Do you think your privacy is well protected? Essay

Do you think your privacy is well protected? Over the years, there are widely differing views on the Issue of whether the media has too much freedom. The law ensures freedom of press In Hong Kong. Therefore Journalists, Including paparazzi, are able to disclose any information, pictures and articles about celebrities on magazines to skyrocket the sales. On the other hand, being a normal citizen also risks leakage of personal information when he shops online.The privacy of both famous people and he public are in great danger in this media-rich society. Flip through the newspapers and magazines, you will be shocked by the secrets of the famous people.

The Job of paparazzi Is to take candid pictures and reveal celebrities’ scandals. In this way, they can attract more consumers to shop for their magazines in order to survive in the highly competitive industry. In other words, privacy of prestigious people such as artists are disclosed without their consents.This may raise the concern of invading the private life of these people and their implies who are being followed by a group of paparazzi on every day. For example, Sire Ma who Is an actress has been shown up on the magazines for a whole week after her personal lingerie video was leaked on the Internet.

” I also don’t know if the media already has copies of more photos or videos. ” said by Sire. From her case, it proves that media has an abuse of press power which may greatly affect daily lives of famous people. On the contrary, with the existence of paparazzi, artists will behave well.Realizing heir words and actions are monitored by the cameras, artists, as the Idols of numerous teenagers, will perform cautiously as a good example for them to follow. Supervision of the paparazzi can help influencing adolescence in a positive way. A counterexample is Jaycee Chant who is the son of international gung if icon Jackie Chant, has been formally arrested on drug charges.

His news is widely spread among the world as a result many young people would learn from Jaycees lesson and avoid drugs. Everyone in the society can be a victim of invasion of privacy easily.For normal people, due to extensively usage of public Wi-If hotshots, generally credit card payments and commonly online shopping, strangers in a bid to obtain the personal information of others is Just a piece of cake. Many people are still not aware of its potential threat to their Identity. Although they can see privacy Is Invaded everywhere, the reason why precautions are not taken Is that protecting privacy causes inconvenience. Lacking of awareness can pull us into a deeper plight.

The government should pay attention to the freedom of media.More regulations need to be launched to ensure the privacy of celebrities can be protected. More education Is needed to raise the consciousness of Identity protection among the public. In the rapid developing Internet technology, It Is a major Issue to remind supervising system to monitor the online activities. The sooner the police detect identity theft, the greater the chance of arresting the criminals. With these solutions so readily available, it is able to well protect the privacy.

Thus, the problem of invasion of privacy will be minimized.