Does a Computer Think Essay

Does a Computer Think

The question on hand is whether there is a chance for a computer to think. Three issues must be directed. First, is it possible for a computer to recognize or identify the person using it? Indeed, this question has been partially answered, not by philosophical thought, by the advances in science and technology. For example, programs have been created not only to recognize the person using a computer but also the user’s intention. However, this is far from thinking.

Second, is it possible for a thinking computer to know its own identity? Such question leads us to Rene Descartes famous quotation, “I think, therefore I am.” If a computer thinks, then it must know that itself exists. There is another issue here. If a thing assumes to think, then it must also know the nature of its surroundings. It must recognize existence beyond itself. This may sound philosophical but one should recognize that existence is like a double-edge sword. A thing thinks if it knows its own existence and that of its surroundings.

This leads us to the third issue. Is it possible for a person to create another thinking object? Such a question is controversial in nature. It is probable to say that this question remains unanswered. For one, the nature of thinking has not yet been understood. Philosophers of different ages have had pondered on the question, often in utter disappointment. Therefore, in answering the above question, one should understand what have been discussed above.