Does altruism exist? Essay

Does altruism exist? Why/why not? Provide at least 3 examples to justify your answer. Altrusim does exist in today’s society.

There are individuals out there willing to have unselfish regard for the welfare of others (Myers, 2011, p.581). In Blood Donors and Blood Collection, a study on altruism and blood donation, they found that experienced blood donors were found to exhibit altruism (Ferguson, Atsma, Kort, & Veldhuizen, 2012, p.343). In Exploring Psychology, it tells a story of Carl Wilkens, a missonary, which was living in Rwanda. He refused to leave when the militia began to slaughter the Tutsi.

He stayed helping other by bringing food and water. His actions were defiantly unselfish (Myers, p.581). Not something most of us want to hear, but some research has shown that suicide bombers due act altruistically.“Many categories of altruism therefore are reinforced through institutional practices, including financial contributions and participation in costly and time-consuming rituals and service. In the case of a minority of contexts and individuals, this set of commitment-reinforcing practices can reinforce more dramatic, even terminal, forms of altruistic behavior. It should be no surprise, therefore, that many of the suicide terror organizations described here appear to make use of all three sets of practices potentially associated with evolutionary models of altruism, offering rewards to recruits and their kin and creating pseudo-kinship bonds among recruits.

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