Does Money Buy Happiness? Essay

Does Money Buy Happiness? What is our goal is life? Is it to go to college, get a job and just live? Society has made going to college normal and required, but the reasons for most people going to college has changed over decades, before it was to educate yourself, and why? So that you can find a good job, and why get a good job? We’ll the answer is obvious, to make money! People are losing sight of life; they are losing sight on why they are in college. Not only for the experience, not only to better educate them, but to make MONEY! What if you already had money? What if someone gave you a million dollars?

Would you still go to college? Would you do what society expects of you, or would you be creative, be an individual for once. I ask again, what are our goals in life? What do we truly want to do? I’ll start by sharing what I truly want to do if the chance came. If I was a millionaire, I would travel. I would go and see what the world really is. Time would start moving slower and slower every day as I truly see our planet. I would look beyond the everyday stresses we have, no more worrying about homework, or our bills, our loans. I would start trying to find the purpose in life, instead of waiting till I become a dying old man.

It’s sad that the term “money doesn’t buy happiness” is false. Our end goals in life requires money, to retire we require money, to go to baseball games and basketball games and to travel to distant continents, we require money. We as a society live in a world where money controls everything and if you have it, you control everything. If I was a millionaire, I would read books on what interested me; I would regain my sight on what’s important. I would stop trying to impress people with useless information I acquired in school, I would never work for anyone again, and I would be my own boss.

I would be creative again, I would add to society, make it better, I would help fund NASA, be a part of what interests me. I would help take our country to the future, but hey, I’m not a millionaire, but one day I can hope to be, and till then, hope will be my drive to reach my goals, I will do what society expects of me, I will work hard to one day be able to do what I want. I’ll work with the budget I have set myself and see where that takes me, and I will wake up at 8:00 am for school every day. If I was a millionaire, I wouldn’t be writing this essay right now.