Does Religion Have A Place In Government? Essay

Does Religion Have A Place In Government?

Religion can not place in government because it is a separate entity from the law. Governments based on certain religions contradict citizen alienated rights. The disadvantage of religion in government is the controversial nature it has for citizens. Some individuals will not have the right to live their lives according to their desires. For instance, Americans can pursue happiness under certain laws bounded by the Christian religion. If politicians and regular citizens break these norms (Christian commandments), the persons are considered out of social order. The influence of the Christian religion contradicts the rights provided by the Constitution for some culture groups in America. Religion must be contained in the church or worship center; governments imposing religious views on citizens have disarmed those individuals’ right to live a fruitful life. Government must remain a separate entity from religion so citizens of a government will not be bound to other’s religious beliefs. Free will is the ultimate gift of life and the government should allow citizens to use it.


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