Does the Quran Really Sanction Violence Against “Unbelievers”? Essay

Does the Quran really Sanction Violence against “Unbelievers”? The Quran is the primary source of every Muslim’s faith and practice; the word of god. They believe the Quran was verbally revealed through an angel from God to Muhammad. It contains wisdom, doctrine, worship, transactions, law but its basic theme is the relationship between God and His creatures. At the same time, it provides guidelines and detailed teachings for a just society, proper human conduct, and an equitable economic system.

In the Quran it states, “Kill the idolaters wherever you find them, and capture them, and blockade them, and watch for them at every lookout. ” (Quran 9:5) Does this make a just society? According to Kabir Helminski, “The “idolaters” were Meccan “pagans” who had declared war against Muhammad and his community. They fought against the Prophet’s message from the very beginning. They resorted to violent oppression and torture of the Prophet and his followers.

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After thirteen years of violence, 10,000 soldiers from many Arab tribes gathered to wipe out the Muslim community once and for all. The Muslims survived these challenges and eventually went on to establish a vast civilization. (Para 6) In beginning of many religions there is always persecution. For instants the persecution of the Christians in the Roman Empire they wanted to pursue their faith and religious beliefs as a structured whole with laws and new ways of worship that weren’t first accepted but later became the way of the Roman society.

Muslims only fought imperial armies and were forbidden to harm civilians, non-combatants and destroy property is a way of proper human conduct. During the war Muslims were only allowed to fight the armies because the principle in fighting in the Quran is that other communities should be treated as one’s own. Fighting is justified for legitimate self-defense, to aid other Muslims and after a violation in the terms of a treaty. “Those with whom you have treaties are immune from attack. It further states, “Fulfill your treaties with them to the end of their term, for God loves the conscientious. ” (Para 8) “But if they stop, God is most forgiving, most merciful” (2:192). “Now if they incline toward peace, then incline to it, and place your trust in God, for God is the all-hearing, the all-knowing” ( Para 11) (8:61). If they stop fighting with you and make a treaty with you, you cannot attack them and place your rust in god who is all knowing but there are some who don’t place a treaty with you, who will continue to fight, they are not immune from attack. Islam guaranteed religious freedom for Christians, Jews, and other minority parties. Majority of Muslims are content to live and let live as part of their religion freedoms, just like other religious groups are based on acceptance and encouragement to follow the best of your own religion through pay services whither it be through service or a form of money contribution it is an equitable economic system.

The “War on the Unbelievers” many be a fallacy but the ways of the Muslim life and religion is not. They believe strongly on the revelation that Muhammad received from an angel of god to help guide them in this life whither it be in peace or war times. The Quran is a guide for a just society, proper human conduct and equitable economic system.